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Netizens Are Going Crazy Over This Chinese Influencer, Who Apparently Resembles Edison Chen

They say he is the personification of the "domineering young chairman of a company" trope in webtoons and romance dramas.

There’s a new celeb lookalike in town, and netizens are going absolutely crazy for him.

So here’s the low-down on how he was ‘discovered’.

The lookalike, who is an influencer himself, recently attended a friend’s wedding as the best man. And unfortunately for the newlyweds, he absolutely stole the show.

After pictures from the wedding were posted online, netizens were quick to single out the influencer, gushing over his good looks and his apparent resemblance to Hong Kong bad-boy celeb, Edison Chen, 42.

Curious to find out what the influencer looks like? Here you go.

Edison Chen? Really?!

Apart from waxing lyrical about his “bad-boy smile”, netizens loved just how suave he looked in his suit.

Some also described him as the personification of the "domineering young chairman of a company" trope in webtoons and romance dramas.

We wonder how the bride and groom felt about the best man stealing the spotlight from them

The influencer, who goes by the username ‘Zou Nan Xiao Shu Shu’ on Douyin, currently has over 832,000 followers on Douyin.

According to these netizens, he’s 33 this year, and his newfound popularity has lead to a wave of comments on his videos from netizens asking to marry him.

One more comparison pic for good measure. Is this why all these netizens are asking him to marry them?

Photos: 邹男小叔叔/Douyin, Edison Chen/Instagram

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