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Netizens Find Out Jimmy Lin Is Not As Tall As He Claims To Be After He Talked About His 12-Year-Old Son’s Growth Spurt

You just have to do the math.

Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin’s eldest son, Kimi, is growing up fast. Literally.

That cute little boy whom we used to see on reality show Dad, Where Are We Going? is now 12 and is almost as tall as his dad, who according to his official bio, is 1.72m tall.

Jimmy recently shared on Instagram that Kimi had a growth spurt the past year and will soon be taller than him.

"I will have to look up at him next year," wrote the '90s pop idol. "He grew 12 centimetres in the past year. At this rate, we will be the same height after four months,” he wrote.

    Kimi updating his height in the new year

    Kimi updating his height in the new year

    Jimmy has been consistently charting Kimi’s growth.

    In late 2019, nine-year-old Kimi was already 1.4m tall, and last February, he was “less than the length of a handphone” shy of Jimmy’s height.

    From the latest pics, it appears that there is a 4cm height difference between them now.

    growth chart

    Here's where the story takes a interesting twist. Some sharp-eyed fans have pointed out that Jimmy is actually not as tall as reported, which they deduced from the above photo.

    You see, Kimi was around 1.6m tall last year and less than 8cm shorter than Jimmy. So if you do the math, the singer should be 1.68m, and not 1.72m.

    “From this, we can calculate that Jimmy’s actual height is 1.68m,” commented one netizen, while a cheeky fan said: “So it turns out that the height stated on the posters [of Jimmy] that I collected when I was a kid were inflated. But it doesn't matter, you are still my idol.”

    Jimmy and his wife Kelly

    Jimmy and his wife Kelly

    Jimmy had previously expressed his worry that Kimi might grow up too tall, as his wife, model-actress Kelly Chen, 38, is also 1.72m tall and reportedly comes from a family of tall people.

    The couple also have six-year-old twin boys, Jenson and Kyson, who appear pretty tall for their age.

    Jenson and Kyson

    Jenson and Kyson

    Photos: Jimmy Lin/Weibo

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