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Netizens Say 16-Year-Old Daughter Of Mayday’s Guan You Is Riding On His Coattails, She Says She Is Indeed “Revelling” In It

She was being ironic of course.

Sometimes, having a famous parent doesn't mean you have it easy in life.

Just ask 16-year-old Roselyn Liu, aka Xiao Mei Gui, whose father is Guan You, the drummer of iconic Taiwanese band Mayday

On Tuesday (Sep 27), Roselyn took to her Instagram, which she started  in October last year, to respond to some things that netizens had to say about her.

Roselyn started with a question that was addressed to her: "Xiao Mei Gui, don't you think you're deriving vain satisfaction from the glory your father and his group have brought you?".

Turns out, it was a message she received online two days ago and that it has been weighing on her mind.

Her response though showed that Roselyn is very aware that people are saying she's riding on her father's coattails and that whatever 'success' she has achieved since indeed has everything to do with his fame.

"Yes! I'm revelling in how I only started my Instagram eight months ago but I already have 10K followers. Yes! I am revelling in all the compliments that I'm receiving here. Yes! I am revelling in all the support and encouragement people are giving me on this platform!"

However, there's also another side to having a famous parent that many people don't see. 

Later in her post, Roselyn confessed that she used to be really bothered by the fact that her dad is a celebrity.

"In the past, whether or not I tell others who my father is, people will always have things to say. Eventually I realised one thing, which is to be myself!"

She also lamented that she's "just an ordinary girl, who's exactly like the other kids at school". However, growing up, she was taught to "not have too much personal emotions because it'd usually get blown out of proportion" and "was not allowed to do things even if others were doing it as well."

But she's still thankful for all the love that she's received because of her father. 

"I'm grateful. I'm not a public figure. I'm just a regular high school student but I'm very lucky to be able to receive everyone's concern and love," she said.

Photos: Roselyn/Instagram, 8world

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