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Netizens surprised by topless scenes in part 2 of Song Hye Kyo drama The Glory, call it 'unnecessary'

They say the gratuitous scenes also contradict the anti-bullying theme of the drama.

The much-awaited second part of hit Netflix drama The Glory dropped its final eight episodes last week.

The series, which has won viewers over with its gripping storyline, finally saw Song Hye Kyo’s character, primary school teacher Moon Dong Eun, exact revenge on her high school bullies.

But that wasn’t the only thing that got people talking.

In one scene, actress Cha Joo Young, who plays materialistic flight attendant Choi Hye Jeong, one of the bullies, is seen having a heated argument with queen bully Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon).

During the confrontation, she suddenly removes her shirt, exposing her breasts.

Many netizens were taken aback by the gratuitous scene, with some calling it “unnecessary” and “sudden”.

"A view of her back would have sufficed,” commented one netizen, while another asked: "Is it really okay to show such a scene?”

Who takes off their clothes in the midst of an argument?

They also took issue with another topless scene which showed the actress soaking in a jacuzzi with fellow bully Jeon Jae Joon (played by Park Sung Hoon), on whom she has a crush.

Netizens pointed out that the topless scenes are contradictory to the anti-bullying theme of the drama, as the actress "not only sacrificed her privacy, but also has to face all kinds of embarrassing comments from the public".

However, some eagle-eyed netizens noted that “Cha Joo Young stand-in” was mentioned in the end credits, sparking speculation that it might not have been the actress who bared all after all. 

In the drama, Joo Young’s character has undergone breast enhancement surgery, so it's likely that a body double was used for the scenes and CGI-ed in.

This scene also did not go down well with viewers

Joo Young revealed during the drama's press conference that the topless scenes were a last minute addition by the director.

She said in order to achieve a more voluptuous figure for the part, she ate her heart out and gained around 6kg.

Photos: Netflix

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