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Ron Ng Accidentally Swears On Chinese Variety Show, Fans Worried He Will Be Cancelled In China For Bad Behaviour

The actor had look of regret on his face when he realised what he did.

At this point we can safely say celebrities can get cancelled in China for anything under the sun. 

No, we're not talking about the stars who were accused of taking pics at a Japanese war shrine. We're referring to stuff like asking about whether their fans prefer American or Taiwanese breakfast, or even just eating pasta

So it makes sense why fans are now worried that former TVB actor Ron Ng, 43, will be the next to be cancelled in the Mainland after he accidentally dropped a vulgarity on Chinese variety show Night In The Greater Bay 2.

After all the Chinese government has enforced strict regulations on bad behaviour from celebrities and spewing vulgarities on TV is certainly frowned upon.

The second season of Night In The Greater Bay, which is a spin-off of Chinese reality competition Call Me By Fire, stars Ron as well as Hong Kong actors Julian Cheung, Jordan Chan, Jerry Lamb, Pakho Chau, and Michael Tse

In a recent episode, Ron was in a car with Julian and Michael when fellow Call Me By Fire contestant Shin's hit song ‘Love Overcomes Everything’ started playing on the radio. 

For those who are familiar with the song, you'd know that it's a rock ballad filled with ridiculously high notes that only someone with Shin's vocal prowess can perform. 

It led a very impressed Ron to say in Cantonese to Julian and Michael, who was in the backseat: "He's singing a high A!"

When Michael replied, "Such a high key?", Ron excitedly replied: "Kui hou lan geng ah kui", which basically means "He's f***ing good!" in Cantonese. 

Ron's surprising outburst was met with dead silence from not just Michael and Julian, but Ron himself, who looked like he immediately regretted what he said. 

But if you think the production team would cut out this scene, nope.

Instead, they merely wrote "He's very calm" in Chinese in the subtitles, which, when said in Cantonese, sounds very similar to what Ron cussed.

Did he just make the biggest boo-boo of his career in China?

Though some netizens feel it's only human for artistes to curse, others pointed out that Ron is known for having a foul mouth. 

In 2014, the actor was accused by a TVB assistant director for hurling vulgarities at the crew.

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