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Crabs, Detectives And Generals? The Fan Clubs Of These Newbie Stars Have Really Creative Names

So many food-themed names.

When it comes to local celeb fan clubs, we’re pretty sure you know the stalwarts like RBKD, Elvinology, The Juliet Club, and the Fannatics. And if you don't, those are the fan clubs of Rui En, Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan and Fann Wong, respectively.

But have you heard of Hermit Krabs, Bentectives, and Jernerals?

If the answer’s no, read on to find out!

1 of 10 Herman Keh - Hermit Krabs

We have to ask though: are hermit crabs Herman’s favourite sea creature?

2 of 10 Tyler Ten - TyTen

TyTen, as in Tyler Ten and also, Titan. Killing two birds with one stone. Nice.

3 of 10 Zhai Siming - Flywithsiming

It's a literal translation of the fan club's Chinese name (与铭飞翔) ‘cos as a fan, there’s nothing you want more than for your favourite star to soar right?

4 of 10 He Yingying - YINGfinity

To Yingfinity, and beyond! We’re pretty sure the name of Yingying’s fan club comes from a promise that their support for her is endless.

5 of 10 Glenn Yong - Glenn Hangbaobao

We’re not sure why his fans call themselves Hangbaobao, which means hamburger in Chinese, but it has us craving for some fast food now.

  • 6 of 10 Jernelle Oh - Jernerals

    You know how they say that being in showbiz is like fighting in a war? Lucky for Jernelle, she’s got her trusty Jernerals (you know, like generals?) right by her side.

  • 7 of 10 Zhang Zetong - Tong Xing Fen

    We love the wordplay here. Tong Xin Fen (通心粉) means macaroni in Chinese… or, if translated literally, 'fans of Zetong who are in his heart'. Cute.

  • 8 of 10 Ayden Sng - The Baeden Club

    Short and very sweet. And there’s no harm in proclaiming to the world that Ayden’s their bae, right? We heart.

  • 9 of 10 Michelle Wong - Michelin

    Another food-inspired name but this one is of a very high standard, okay?

  • 10 of 10 Benjamin Tan - Bentective

    We’re not sure what the Bentectives want to investigate… perhaps it’s the mystery of how Benjamin’s so cute?

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