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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Jul 9-16)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Belinda Lee and Zoe Tay had a most unusual picnic, Qi Yuwu got poetic about food, Desmond Tan tucked into a crustacean feast while catching JJ Lin's virtual concert, and Chen Yixin, who had just completed her quarantine, finally got to dine with boyfriend Gavin Teo.

1 of 22 Belinda Lee and Zoe Tay

What they ate: Prata picnic

Yummy factor: Because both Belinda and Ah Jie were hungry, they decided to tapow prata and teh tarik and bring it along for their hike, where they both had a most picturesque picnic munching on their snack amidst the wilderness. Talk about the perfect, albeit unexpected, refuel.

2 of 22 Chen Yixin and Gavin Teo

What they ate: Japanese sharing plates

Yummy factor: Now that Yixin is back from filming overseas, the lovebirds are finally reunited and able to dine out together. They enjoyed one of their many dates at Koma, where they had the Wafu Carbonara topped with uni and smoked butter (check out that runny egg), sashimi and more.

3 of 22 Desmond Tan

What he ate: The Ultimate Trio from Dancing Crab

Yummy factor: It was crunch time for Desmond, who had the perfect feast to munch on while enjoying JJ Lin's virtual concert last weekend — think crabs, prawns and fish stir-fried with Li Nanxing’s scallop hae bee hiam, curry leaves and popcorn.

4 of 22 Jamie Yeo

What she ate: Comfort food

Yummy factor: Jamie thoroughly enjoyed couple time with her hubby Rupert at Din Tai Fung, where they tucked into everything from the signature fried rice with pork chop to the dan dan noodles and chilli oil wantons. And aside from the usual xiao long bao, Jamie also ordered the seasonal chilli crab and pork version, which she loved.

5 of 22 Qi Yuwu

What he ate: What looks like braised duck

Yummy factor: We've never seen anyone break out in poetry before digging in, but with Yuwu, you never know what to expect. But judging from that smile, it's one tasty bird.

6 of 22 Felicia Chin

What she ate: Wholesome brekkie

Yummy factor: Felicia started her day right with a hearty breakfast at home with everyday items from her well-stocked refrigerator — think toast with sausages, baked beans and a runny bull’s eye egg. So simple and easy to put together, yet oh-so-satisfying.

7 of 22 Romeo Tan, Carrie Wong, and Zhai Siming

What he ate: Hawker fare

Yummy factor: Romeo, Carrie and Siming, who are shooting upcoming drama The Peculiar Pawnbroker, tucked into a simple cai png meal of sweet and sour pork, fish, and plenty of greens with rice, while filming at a coffee shop. Sure looks like a shiok meal.

8 of 22 Chantalle Ng

What she ate: Plant-based meat balls

Yummy factor: Ikea’s plant-based meat balls have found themselves a fan in Chantalle, who tried the meatless dish for the first time this week. We don’t know about the poached shrimps, but it looks like she’ll be back for the plant-based treats for sure.

9 of 22 Pornsak and Michelle Chia

What they ate: Thai-style hor fun

Yummy factor: This week, both Pornsak and Michelle got to slurp up Thai-style hor fun over at celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee’s crib. And as if it didn’t look yummy enough, Addy even fried some crisp pork lard and rice crackers to go with the noodles. And for Pornsak, a heap of sugar is a must-have.

10 of 22 Zhang Zetong and Sheryl Ang

What they ate: Thai food

Yummy factor: Also enjoying a taste of Thailand were Zetong and and fellow Star Search 2019 finalist Sheryl who dug into honey chicken, minced meat fried omelette, tom yum soup, and sambal kang kong at Soi Thai. It's a simple spread but the food — and the pair — sure are eye candy.

11 of 22 James Seah

What he ate: Japanese omakase dinner

Yummy factor: James' omakase experience at Japanese resto Ren Lounge with influencer fiancée Nicole Chang Min looks most delectable. The couple indulged in at least 10 plates, including golden eye snapper and amber jack sashimi, and otoro sushi, and the highlight for Nicole were the shiro with uni and ikura, as well as the grilled belt fish.

12 of 22 Kym Ng

What she ate: Braised pork ribs

Yummy factor: While Kym’s take on braised pork ribs with radish on the new season of #StayHomeCookOff looks yummy on its own, the gravy’s probably best enjoyed with plenty of rice on the side. And check out the radish — it looks like it’s been soaking up all the flavour whilst simmering. Get her recipe on meWATCH.

13 of 22 Seow Sin Nee, Jernelle Oh, Gini Chang and Juin Teh

What they ate: Birthday feast

Yummy factor: The starlets prepared quite a feast when they gathered at Jernelle's home last weekend to celebrate her 27th birthday. Their fusion dinner included grilled salmon, sambal stingray, sambal petai, sashimi, fried chicken wings, and even a birthday dessert of crème brûlée.

14 of 22 Nurul Aini

What she ate: Sweet treats

Yummy factor: Because Nurul has been craving for the bakes from online bakery Dapiku Sweets, she decided to treat herself to some this week. And it looks like her favourite is the lychee tart, which boasts layers of whipped vanilla and tangy calamansi cream, nut crumble, water chestnut and more.

15 of 22 Lina Ng

What she ate: Homemade stew

Yummy factor: No better time than a rainy evening for some hearty seafood — with lots of prawns — and pork stew. Lina prepared her one-pot wonder to go with the rest of her dinner, and even added some silky tofu and an onsen egg for good measure. What a treat.

16 of 22 Pan Lingling and Xiang Yun

What they ate: Modern Chinese cuisine

Yummy factor: There’s just something about sweater weather that makes us want to eat more. And Xiang Yun and Lingling couldn’t be happier to feast at Clan 7, where they indulged in appetite-whetting la zi ji, suan cai yu, pork cutlet, and a most interesting carb dish topped with crispy rice bits, and more.

17 of 22 Yasminne Cheng and Jade Seah

​​​​​​​What she ate: Afternoon tea set

Yummy factor: This week, Yasminne and Jade paid a visit to Lady M, where they caught up over afternoon tea. And while the dainty fruit tarts, light bites and signature crepes were a feast for the eyes, it probably wasn’t enough to fill Yasminne up, hence the additional order of the creamy lobster fettuccine, which she absolutely loved.

18 of 22 Lee Teng

What he ate: Steak

Yummy factor: Lee Teng’s date night out at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse with wife Gina Lin saw them devouring a huge T-bone steak with plenty of condiments and a touch of salt on the side. And while the beef was amazing, Lee Teng enjoyed the bread that came along with their meal so much, he had two portions of it.

19 of 22 Bonnie Loo

What she ate: Birthday cakes

Yummy factor: From a cutesy cake featuring a caricature version of Bonnie — complete with piped pigtails — to what looks like an agar agar cake and a luscious mango cake topped with thick slices of the fruit, Bonnie has been indulging in all things sweet and delish this week for her 27th birthday (Jul 12).

20 of 22 Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: Crab bee hoon

Yummy factor: Because her family was craving for some hearty crab bee hoon, Xiuhuan decided to whip it up for their weekend feast, complete with a whole generously-sized crab. Of course, Xiuhuan’s not one to settle for a single dish. She also made coffee ribs (a crowd favourite), steamed soon hock, and fried rice with crisp garlic chips. Yum.

21 of 22 Alan Wan

What he ate: Salted egg chicken rice

Yummy factor: For Alan, there’s nothing quite like getting dinner from a random coffee shop, only to find out that the food there is the bomb. One of his surprise finds is this appetising dish of fried chicken drizzled with salted egg gravy, complete with a perfectly-oozy sunny side up egg and lots of sliced green chillies on the side. What a beautiful mess.

22 of 22 Sharon Au and Fiona Fussi

What they ate: French cuisine

Yummy factor: Although Sharon and Fiona recently met up for a meal in Paris, French cuisine has a way of finding their way into their hearts and tummies — especially so when we’re talking about the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Mirazur pop-up in Singapore. And from what we can see, it sure looks like a sublime gastronomic experience peppered with nature’s best.

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