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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Jun 11-18)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee enjoyed marine-themed cookies made by their son Zed, Chantalle Ng got a sweet surprise on her birthday, and Dennis Chew could not stop raving about a unique fusion pandan cake. Read on for more.

1 of 20 Fann Wong

What she ate: Marine-themed cookies

Yummy factor: Well, who is to say biscuits can’t go with bak zhang? Thanks to her son Zed’s ingenuity, proud parents Fann and Christopher Lee got to munch on homemade cookies in the shape of seahorses, whales, and more. The cookies were so yummy, Zed even earned high praises from an impressed Chris.

2 of 20 Chantalle Ng

What she ate: Birthday cakes galore

Yummy factor: Happy 26th birthday, Chantalle! It’s been a deluge of sweet treats for the actress who was showered with lots of love and cake on her birthday yesterday (Jun 17). The day before, she also received an early birthday surprise — it looks like Cedele’s ondeh ondeh cake — from Xu Bin and The Heartland Hero crew while filming.

3 of 20 Michelle Chia

What she ate: Peach collagen desserts

Yummy factor: Could nourishing desserts be the secret to Michelle’s youthful beauty? In any case, it sure seems like Michelle enjoyed her chilled peach gum desserts — featuring flavours like longan, pear, and lemongrass — from online store Sweet Speckles.

4 of 20 Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: Decadent homemade feast

Yummy factor: Xiuhuan celebrated Father’s Day early with her family and commemorated the occasion with a slew of decadent dishes — think grilled wagyu steak with tomatoes and fried garlic chips, a creamy butter garlic seafood platter and more. The pièce de résistance of the meal, however, had to be the cold angel hair pasta topped with uni, scallop, caviar and truffle — Xiuhuan even added precious gold leaf for a touch of luxe.

5 of 20 Dennis Chew

What he ate: Pandan hae bee hiam cake

Yummy factor: While the chiffon creation may look simple, it’s bursting with umami and flavour thanks to the addition of hae bee hiam. According to Dennis, the fluffy cake is moist and not too sweet, and the taste of hae bee hiam complements the aroma of pandan. Who knew these two ingredients could go so well together?

6 of 20 Jeanette Aw

What she ate: Fishball noodles

Yummy factor: Jeanette has been so busy with work that her meals are likely the last thing on her mind. Well thank goodness for good friends like celebrity hairstylist David Gan, who keep her well-fed by sending over goodies like spicy fishball noodles with juicy meatballs and plenty of chilli padi and fried lard.

7 of 20 Ann Kok

What she ate: Mummy’s bak zhang

Yummy factor: For Ann, her mum's cooking is always the best, and likewise for her dumplings. Handmade with love and chock full of ingredients and sticky glutinous rice, Ann probably couldn’t wait to tuck into the glistening bak zhang after taking a selfie with it.

8 of 20 Sharon Au

What she ate: French food

Yummy factor: Although one would expect Sharon to eat her fill of local foods now that she’s back in Singapore to visit her mum, she can never resist delish French cuisine — especially if it’s prepared by Chef Patrick Heuberger, owner and founder of French bistro Atout at Dempsey Hill. We’re talking a tender pepper-crusted Argentine Grassfed Tenderloin served with brandy cream sauce, heirloom tomato salad, and plenty of desserts — hardly what we’d expect on the menu for someone serving her quarantine.

9 of 20 Quan Yifeng

What she ate: SG Umami’s Japanese-style pizzas

Yummy factor: Although Yifeng’s not really a fan of pizzas, she was blown away by the thin-crust versions from Ben Yeo’s izakaya stall, SG Umami. And out of the three flavours she got, her favourite has to be the chocolate banana one (ironically, the only non-savoury option on the menu), which comes with sliced banana served on a chocolate base and drizzled with mayo. An unusual dessert indeed.

10 of 20 Joshua tan

What he ate: Pasta

Yummy factor: Joshua is proof that men who can clean and cook are sexy as hell (fiancée Zoen Tay is one lucky lady!) — bonus points if they are dressed up in snuggly robes to serve up a hearty beef ragu pasta.

11 of 20 Candyce Toh

What she ate: Delicate bites

Yummy factor: While the high tea sets from Shangri-La are meant for Father’s Day and children (yes, it’s kiddo-themed), it’s mummy Candyce who got to enjoy them. Well, seeing how the multi-tiered platters are filled with plenty of delectable sandwiches, tarts and scones, it’s no wonder Candyce couldn’t resist as well. Hope she left some for hubby Hong Junyang.

12 of 20 Evelyn Tan

What she ate: Folded kimbap

Yummy factor: Evelyn’s folded kimbap looks unbelievably yummy for a snack that’s so simple to put together. She chose to combine fried luncheon meat, sunny side up, cherry tomatoes and rice for a shiok seaweed sandwich with plenty of texture and crunch.

13 of 20 Justin Ang and Vernon A

What they ate: Atas wanton mee

Yummy factor: Well, of course the Muttons, towkays of roast meat restaurant Fook Kin, had to had to shout about their latest menu item — Supreme Power Wanton Mee — on social media. The elevated noodle dish seems to pack a punch with its impressive ingredients — think gold-dusted char siew, truffle-infused mee, juicy ikura, and plump fried wantons.

14 of 20 Jin Yinji

What she ate: Dim sum and Yunnan specials

Yummy factor: Jin-jie looks really pleased with her special delivery from Mark Lee — the collaborative set meal between Yun Nans and Nam Heong — and seems to especially love the liu sha bao. The fluffy golden-yellow creations are oozing with salted egg goodness and practically begging to be eaten. BRB, gonna order some for tea.

15 of 20 Terence Cao

What he ate: Bombolinis

Yummy factor: Terence couldn’t look more pleased with his box of bombolinis (Italian filled doughnuts) by home baker Shannon Charlotte — especially when each fluffy doughnut is stuffed full with Nutella or custard and dusted with sugar. Yum.

16 of 20 Thomas Ong

What he ate: Collagen hotpot

Yummy factor: Thomas enjoyed a hearty hotpot meal at home with collagen broth from Chu Collagen, complete with fried prawns, marbled beef slices and plenty of yong tau foo ingredients. Who else is craving for some bubbling goodness now?

17 of 20 Tong Bingyu

What she ate: Birthday feast

Yummy factor: Despite having to celebrate her birthday (June 14) during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order, Bingyu’s celebration at home proved to be a decadent one nonetheless. From tiered creations to macarons and cakes in jars, as well as savoury platters, salted egg crabs and more, there were plenty of mouth-watering goodies to go round.

18 of 20 Cheryl Wee

What she ate: Tomahawk steak

Yummy factor: Now that Cheryl's mouth ulcers have recovered and she can eat with ease, lunch delivered from Opus Bar & Grill was probably a welcomed treat — think tender tomahawk steak, grilled lamb racks and grilled salmon atop a bed of sauteed mushrooms and served alongside pasta.

19 of 20 Hong Huifang

What she ate: Multi-coloured corn

Yummy factor: A generous friend gifted Huifang with some plump home-grown corn, and she couldn’t be happier. After all, the unique vegetable sports pretty hues, and she already has plans to make nourishing chicken soup with it.

20 of 20 Tabitha Nauser

What she ate: Grilled meats

Yummy factor: From juicy steaks to skewers, baked potatoes and more, there was certainly no lack of food during Tabitha’s gathering with Paul Foster as they gathered to catch Euro 2020 together. What a feast!

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