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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Jun 4-11)

​​​​​​​All the photos that made us hungry this week.

​​​​​​​All the photos that made us hungry this week.

​​​​​​​All the photos that made us hungry this week.

The celebs have been getting creative in the kitchen the past week. Chen Xiuhuan created a spicy bak chang just for Xiang Yun, Fann Wong baked a most luscious-looking chocolate raspberry tart, Christopher Lee put together a mini barbecue for Zed, and Felicia Chin made kimchi stew in her new rice cooker. Read on for more.

1 of 21 Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: Spicy bak zhang

Yummy factor: Thanks to a simple yet ingenious suggestion from Xiang Yun, Xiuhuan got to work experimenting on how best to include chilli padi in her existing bak chang recipe. Ultimately, she decided that sliced chilli padi works best in terms of spiciness level and taste, and the bits of red make the bak chang look really pretty too.

2 of 21 Dawn Yeoh

What she ate: Burgers and fried chicken

Yummy factor: Dawn belongs to the category of folks who work out so that they can eat whatever they want. To reward herself this time, she devoured the fried chicken burger, saucy fried chicken wings and tater tots from Taufik Batisah's Chix Hot Chicken. Though the Nashville-style fried chicken, which are cooked with “the world’s spiciest peppers”, are known for being really hot, the spice was no sweat for Dawn.

3 of 21 Felicia Chin

What she ate: Kimchi stew

Yummy factor: Instead of plain ol’ rice, the first dish Felicia decided to cook with her new rice cooker was kimchi stew, adding plenty of golden mushrooms and cubed tofu for a delicious and nourishing one-pot meal. Yum.

4 of 21 Huang Biren

What she ate: Fine Japanese eats

Yummy factor: Remember Hong Ling’s atas uni pasta bento from Iko Restaurant? Well, Biren had the same thing this week, except that her order list was a lot longer with items like the umami-filled asari clam rice soup, mushroom udon, angus short rib and more.

5 of 21 Christopher and Zed Lee

What they ate: Kebabs

Yummy factor: Zed wanted to eat kebabs, so Chris got creative and fashioned a mini barbecue grill to whip up some kebabs and chicken wings for him. Never mind that things got a little smoky, the impromptu BBQ was a success. Look how pleased Zed is with his skewer.

6 of 21 Justin Ang and Vernon A

What they ate: Meaty affair

Yummy factor: The Muttons are always up for a meaty feast, and the one they had from Japanese grill restaurant Wakanui didn’t disappoint. Think smoky wood-grilled steaks and juicy lamb racks, alongside thick burgers, and more. We've got our eye on those perfectly pink steak sandos.

7 of 21 Xu Bin

What he ate: Home-cooked dinner

Yummy factor: Despite having a plethora of food delivery options during this period, Xu Bin has declared that his fave food is still his wife’s cooking — even if it’s a simple meal of rice, greens and what looks like a deep-fried dish. The way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach!

8 of 21 Ya Hui

What she ate: Homemade tuna puffs

Yummy factor: If you’ve been craving tuna puffs, why not try Ya Hui’s easy recipe for some crisp, flaky goodness? She used instant prata for the crisp pastry, and filled them with canned tuna before popping the goodies into the oven to bake. And voila — you’ve got yourself an afternoon snack.

9 of 21 Fann Wong

What she ate: Chocolate raspberry tart

Yummy factor: Topped with plenty of luscious raspberries on a dark chocolate shell, the fruit tart Fann baked looked so irresistible that it had her friends and followers asking if she was willing to sell her bakes.

10 of 21 Sharon Au

What she ate: Smoked salmon and toast

Yummy factor: Model Fiona Fussi was in Paris for a work trip, and Sharon took the chance to catch up with her over a simple but yummy meal of burrata cheese and smoked salmon paired with grilled toast.

11 of 21 Quan Yifeng

What she ate: Taste of the ocean

Yummy factor: As someone with discerning taste buds, Yifeng couldn’t be happier to get started on the bespoke menu set from Moonbow, co-founded by celebrity chef Heman Tan. The generously-sized bento featured truffle-infused foie gras, red grouper, seared octopus and more. We hope she left some room in her stomach for the decadent brownie and chocolate fudge cake after.

12 of 21 Fauzie Laily

What he ate: Sumptuous halal dishes

Yummy factor: Earlier this week, Fauzie received plenty of yummy Halal eats from various brands like So Pho, Streats Cafe and Bali Thai, such as Macau-style chicken chop fried rice, XO fried noodles, and tom yum soup. As for his wife, Nurul, she couldn’t be happier to tuck into her favourite Thai mango salad, as well as Vietnamese beef pho and salmon prawn rolls.

13 of 21 Terence Cao

What he ate: Curry puffs

Yummy factor: Bursting to the brim with curried potatoes and hard boiled eggs, these golden-brown curry puffs from Er Jie Curry Puff have found a fan in Terence. Plus, they are generously-sized too — what’s there not to love?

14 of 21 Hong Junyang and Candyce Toh

What they ate: Family feast

Yummy factor: Both Junyang and Candyce got the collaborative set meal from Yun Nans and Nam Heong, where they got to enjoy the best of both Yunnan specials and piping hot dimsum. The chicken soup in particular was an interesting dish — after they are done with the soup, they are provided with a mala sauce to enjoy the chicken meat in a different style.

15 of 21 Juin Teh

What she ate: Strawberry cake

Yummy factor: Never mind that Juin’s cake arrived a little smashed on her birthday (Jun 6), or that the fruit has fallen off — it’s the taste that matters most for the birthday girl, and it still tasted delectable.

16 of 21 Yasminne Cheng

What she ate: Football-themed goodies

Yummy factor: Old Chang Kee sent over their limited-edition Euro Cup Fiesta Sets to Yasminne, and aside from the usual fan favourites such as fried chicken wings and spring rolls, they’ve also gotten creative in creating Hainanese chicken rice foodballs, as well as the cutest looking foodball bread — shaped as a football — to go with rich curry chicken.

17 of 21 Tracy Lee

What she ate: Comforting ramen

Yummy factor: Tracy made good use of the Miruku Father’s Day set she got from food delivery platform Sibay Shiok by putting together hearty bowls of Japanese ramen with short plate beef slices, tofu, vegetables, and milk soup broth. It really does look shiok.

18 of 21 Vivian Lai

What she ate: Thai noodles

Yummy factor: Thanks to her hearty Sunday lunch from Ban Sok Thai Noodle — think noodle soup with plenty of ingredients to the fried wontons and Thai-style kueh pie tee — Vivian was momentarily transported to the streets of Thailand.

19 of 21 Alan Wan

What he ate: Beefy specials

Yummy factor: Alan certainly didn’t hold back when it came to his takeaway lunch from steakhouse The Feather Blade. Not only did he get their signature burge which came with a generous 200g beef patty deep fried in beef fat, he also got steak and foie gras on a bed of creamy mashed potato, as well as gyudon with scallops, wagyu beef fat potatoes and more. Talk about beef and carb overload.

20 of 21 Tong Bingyu

What she ate: Homemade bak chang

Yummy factor: With the Dragon Boat Festival fast approaching (June 14), Bingyu’s newly-acquired skills of making rice dumplings have been put to good use. In fact, she got down to making her own from scratch, from the hearty fillings to the glutinous rice. She's even mastered the art of wrapping them firmly so the ingredients are secured tightly. Impressive.

21 of 21 Kimberly Chia

What she ate: Mala mini hotpot

Yummy factor: Kimberly upped the heat for supper by having a mini mala hotpot sesh, and even added some plump scallops to complete her meal. And according to Kim, these scallops from online store Isellfrozen are sweet, firm and the best she has ever tried.

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