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Nurul Aini Raised S$35K In 2 Days For The Needy In Malaysia

The money will go towards providing meals and essentials for them.

The money will go towards providing meals and essentials for them.

The money will go towards providing meals and essentials for them.

Earlier this week, actress Nurul Aini, 39, went on IG Story to spread awareness about the needy in Malaysia and how they are struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And soon enough, her post received a reply from a Singaporean follower who’s based in Malaysia.

The follower, Dr Zarina Gurrahman, revealed that she’s been providing free meals for the homeless and needy on the weekends. She also shared that she chose to cook and distribute the meals herself because she feels that there are “many out there taking the opportunity” to misappropriate the funds they’ve raised.

Nurul then replied asking if there was any way she and her 176K followers could help.

1 of 3 Dr Zarina with some of the homeless kids she provides shelter for in Malaysia

In a series of messages, Dr Zarina shed more light on what she does to help the needy, revealing that her family, as well as her two helpers, currently feed around “100 to 120 pax” every weekend. She also shared a picture taken with some of the homeless kids that she provides shelter for in Kuala Lumpur, with Nurul reposting the pic on her IG Story.

“[The picture was] given to me personally, with permission to post so that us Singaporeans can see what’s happening there and hopefully help them. We are so blessed here in Singapore,” wrote Nurul.

  • 2 of 3 Distributing food during the weekends

    She then got permission to share the bank account details of Dr Zarina, and made a donation of her own. She also implored her 176k followers to help out if they can.

    And boy, did they respond.

    Just a day later, Dr Zarina informed Nurul that she’d received S$20,000 in donations.

  • 3 of 3 The power of social media

    Then, earlier today (Aug 19), Nurul shared another update, revealing that they’d managed to raise S$35,000 in total.

    With the funds, Dr Zarina is now planning to expand their food and daily essentials distribution efforts. She is also sourcing for caterers who had their income affected due to the pandemic, to “buy food from them [and] distribute to the needy”.

    “That's RM100K guys. You guys did this. And now [Dr Zarina] is able to help more people. All thanks to you guys for sharing and contributing,” wrote Nurul.

    The actress also shared that she’s since saved all pertinent information in a highlight reel on her Instagram Story so that those who are interested can continue to contribute.

    Way to go, everyone!

    Photos: Nurul Aini/Instagram

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