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Tay Ping Hui Says He Has “Nothing Against Cyclists” After His Post Calling Out “Irresponsible Cyclists” Goes Viral

We are all in this together. Cyclists and motorists alike.” he wrote in a message to the cycling community.

We are all in this together. Cyclists and motorists alike.” he wrote in a message to the cycling community.

We are all in this together. Cyclists and motorists alike.” he wrote in a message to the cycling community.

On April 1, Tay Ping Hui took to his social media to post a snippet from his car’s dashboard camera. According to the 50-year-old actor, he’d come across a group of cyclists who had disregarded the fact that he had the right of way, and continued to filter into his lane.

In his post, he also suggested that it was time to register all bicycles in Singapore”, a point which ignited furious debate amongst netizens. Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife, Ho Ching, weighed in on the issue on Facebook, supporting the call to register all bicycles, much like cars and buses.

And now, more than two weeks after his initial post, Ping Hui took to his social media once again to address the uproar that his initial post created.

It’s been a while since my last post and the furore that followed was unexpectedly explosive. It’s absolutely heartwarming that so many people, drivers and cyclists alike, supported me on so [many] levels. Thank y’all for your affirmation!” he wrote, thanking those who’d shared their opinions in the comments.

He also went on to share more details about the incident documented in his Instagram post above, revealing that he “was already in the left lane 70m before the cross junction” and traveling at about 51km/h”.

I was about 32m away when I saw the first 2 cyclists filter out. I immediately flashed my headlights to give ample warning, applying the brakes at the same time. Within 2.4 seconds, I not only had to react, I also needed to make an immediate decision on whether to [emergency-brake] and stop, or swerve to the right (in the middle of a yellow boxed cross junction no less), risking my life and endangering any vehicle that might be diagonally behind me. Thankfully I managed to come to a stop and avoided an accident. Only after ensuring that it was absolutely safe, I later filtered right and overtook them.” he continued on to share, shedding more light on the circumstances of the encounter.

1 of 1 Some netizens were really, really, pissed

However, there were also many netizens who were less-than-pleased with Ping Hui’s initial post, going on to berate and insult the actor.

One cannot help but feel the irony when so many of those who righteously chastised me for not being gracious enough, have done so with pretty ungracious words.” Ping Hui wrote.

He then went on to call for everyone to hold “irresponsible cyclists accountable for their actions”.

To the cycling community I would like to say this, I am not the enemy. I have nothing against cyclists in general. If anything, I actually think we should encourage cycling as a healthy, alternative way of transportation and leisure. That is why we need to move toward making it safer for everyone, cyclists and motorists alike, and the current system can definitely do much better. We need to resolve this unhealthy divide that is growing exponentially, and throwing insults at each other is definitely not the constructive way to go. Education, patience and understanding are essential, but we desperately need a baseline of accountability to build upon.” he wrote, adding that he did not wish for cycling to meet the same sorrowful demise as our beloved PMDs”.

Photos: Tay Ping Hui/Instagram

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