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Barbie Hsu’s Mum Says Actress And Husband Wang Xiaofei Have Reconciled 3 Months After Divorce Claims

So it was just a very public lovers' tiff?

So it was just a very public lovers' tiff?

So it was just a very public lovers' tiff?

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu shocked fans in June when she announced that she had filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei.

Then, the 44-year-old said divorce proceedings were underway, though Xiaofei, 39, as well as both their mothers, denied the rumours.

Three months later, it appears the couple have mended their relationship.

In an interview with the media yesterday (Aug 10), Barbie’s mum revealed that the pair have “reconciled” but stopped short of saying more.

“This is their family matter, I do not wish to talk more about it,” she said.

1 of 3 Barbie, Xiaofei, and their kids

In March, Xiaofei returned to China to focus on the opening of his new restaurant, while Barbie stayed with their two kids, seven-year-old daughter, Hsi-Yueh, and five-year-old son, Hsi-Lin, in Taiwan.

When the divorce rumours first broke out, Xiaofei had wanted fly to Taiwan to appease Barbie, but his mother-in-law discouraged him from doing so.

“He would have to spend a lot of time in quarantine and would not be able to take care of his businesses, so I advised him to assess the situation first and to bear with things a little longer, she told Apple Daily.

When asked how things are between the couple, she said: “The are like a bickering couple. They have nothing better to do,” adding that if they were to divorce, she would “give them 50 beatings”.

2 of 3 Dee Hsu (left) and her mum

During the interview, Mama Hsu also shared her thoughts about younger daughter Dee Hsu, who incurred the wrath of Chinese netizens last week when she called Taiwanese Olympians “our national athletes”.

Dee, 43, was accused of “making use of the Olympics to show her support for Taiwan’s independence” and lost four endorsements in China as a result.

“I can only use the word ‘injustice’ to describe [the matter],” said Mama Hsu.

“Dee spoke about [the Olympics] like how a normal person would…. Our family hates politics the most. I hope netizens will gradually ease their anger, she added.

3 of 3 Netizens had encouraged Xiaofei to divorce Barbie 'cos he defended his sister-in-law

Mama Hsu was also not pleased when netizens turned against Xiaofei when he spoke up for Dee on Weibo.

First, they told him to divorce Barbie to “show [his] stance” and then asked him to take his children back to China so they would not be brainwashed by Taiwan’s “pro-independence education”.

I [as their mother] did not even say anything about this, who are the netizens to comment on it? she said.

Photos: Barbie Hsu Weibo & Wang Xiaofei's Weibo

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