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Guess Which Stars These Bad Wax Figures Were Modelled After

A-list celebs and their C-list wax models.

A-list celebs and their C-list wax models.

A-list celebs and their C-list wax models.

You know you’ve made it as a celeb when you get your own wax figure at famed wax museum Madame Tussauds.

Just look at this snap of Ah Jie Zoe Tay posing next to her Madame Tussauds figure.

1 of 21 Zoe's wax figure even got a little outfit update last year.

Or this snap, of Fan Bingbing and her wax doppelganger.

  • 2 of 21 Bingbing and her wax twin

    But apart from getting immortalised in wax at a Madame Tussauds museum, celebs also run the risk of getting their likeness replicated by less-than-skillful wax artistes, whose work can be found in various bootleg wax museums.

    And more often than not, these C-list wax figures end up looking more horrifying than pleasing.

    Recently, this wax figure (see below) of Chinese actress Yang Mi has gone viral, not for how good it looks, but for how terrifying it is.

    3 of 21 It won't look out of place on a horror movie set

    Just take a look at it.

    Does anyone else get a faint White Chicks vibe from the figure?

    But thanks to this wax model, the spotlight has been cast once again on the many other horrifying wax iterations of various celebs.

    Can you guess who they are supposed to resemble?

    4 of 21 Guess who?
    5 of 21 Yes, it's Yang Mi again
    6 of 21 Guess who?
    7 of 21 Andy Lau
    8 of 21 Guess who?
    9 of 21 Cecilia Cheung
    10 of 21 Guess who?
    11 of 21 Jay Chou
    12 of 21 Guess who?
    13 of 21 Jet Li
    14 of 21 Guess who?
    15 of 21 Jackie Chan
    16 of 21 Guess who?
    17 of 21 Fan Bingbing
    18 of 21 Guess who?
    19 of 21 Shu Qi
    20 of 21 Guess who?
    21 of 21 Nicky Wu

    Photos: hk01, PBE Media, Yang Mi/Weibo, Fan Bingbing/Weibo, Cecilia Cheung/Weibo, Jackie Chan/Weibo, Jay Chou/Instagram, Jet Li/Weibo, Nicky Wu/Weibo, Shu Qi/Instagram

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