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Miriam Yeung’s Husband Says What Moves Him Most About Their 12-Year Marriage Is That "She Still Sleeps Next To [Him]"

Where else would she be sleeping though?

Where else would she be sleeping though?

Where else would she be sleeping though?

Hongkong singer-actress Miriam Yeung, 47, and her husband, Real Ting, 42, celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary recently. To commemorate the occasion, the couple did an interview with a magazine, in which they opened up about their relationship.

First, Miriam shared that she feels really happy and fulfilled that they’re a family-of-three, describing it as a gift from God. The couple's son Torres is now nine.

Real then said what moves him the most about their relationship is that “she still sleeps next to me . Unsurprisingly, his answer elicited a shy smile from the usually uninhibited Miriam.

1 of 1 Miriam and Real with their son Torres

Miriam then went on to amp up the sweetness, by sharing that she and Real regard each other as the “final puzzle piece” in their lives.

“I am someone who’s very spontaneous. I’ve always been jumping from planet to planet all around the universe, and he’s someone who can pull me back to earth,” she said.

Then, when asked to share one thing they’ll like to do if they were to swap bodies for a day, Miriam and Real took the opportunity to tease each other.

Miriam laughed that she’d like to “drink iced coffee” as Real has never drunk ice coffee before. When Real didn't know what to say, Miriam chimed in to add that he should “visit the TCM doctor”.

“I want her to visit all the doctors that she should visit ‘cos I want her to recuperate and rest her body,” he said.

Photos: Miriam Yeung/Weibo, Real Ting/Weibo

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