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Netizens Think Leon Lai, 54 Has Married His 35-Year-Old Baby Mama

The rumour stemmed from a comment he made at his recent concert in Hongkong.

The rumour stemmed from a comment he made at his recent concert in Hongkong.

The rumour stemmed from a comment he made at his recent concert in Hongkong.

Is Leon Lai married again? Netizens sure seem to think so after he made some comments about love and marriage at his Hongkong concert on July 18.

During the gig, the 54-year-old Heavenly King had talked about how “marriage is the grave of love” before stepping onto a moving platform and disappearing off-stage.

When he made his appearance again, he quipped: “The Leon Lai you just saw stepped into his coffin, and I’m here on his behalf after walking out of that coffin. I’ll sing ‘Qing Yuan’ (or 'Love’s Destiny' in English) because all love stories start with a stroke of fate and mutual feelings for each other.”

1 of 1 Wing Chan was an assistant at Leon's record label

Hongkong media and netizens have interpreted Leon's words as his way of announcing that he and his girlfriend Wing Chan are married. Though we wonder how pleased she would be knowing that her maybe-husband had described their marriage as a grave of love.

It was revealed that Leon was dating record label assistant-turned-sales manager Wing Chan, 35, in 2018 when the latter was spotted entering and leaving his home on the regular. She gave birth to their daughter the same year.

If the rumours of Leon and Wing Chan being husband and wife are true, it would be both their second marriages.

Leon married model Gaile Lok in 2008 but they divorced in 2012, citing “serious differences in life philosophies as the reason for their split.

Wing Chan was married to a businessman known only as Mr Chan in 2011 but they filed for divorce a couple of years later. She was also rumoured to have dated 34-year-old Hongkong star Aarif Rahman, whom she was helping to manage.

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