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Why Did Netizens Call JJ Lin A “Scammer” After He "Mustered Up The Courage" To Finally Show His Forehead?

Dude has had bangs since 2003.

One of the greatest mysteries in Chinese pop is how JJ Lin looks without his fringe.

The Singaporean singer has had more or less the same hairstyle since his debut in 2003. In fact, some people have even wondered if he's wearing a wig. FYI: he's not.

Put simply, JJ's forehead has probably seen less sunlight than a vampire.

The 40-year-old is very aware about the interest in what he looks like sans fringe and so he took to his TikTok account last week to post a video revealing his forehead for the first time.

1 of 4 Remember this hairstyle?

“I finally mustered up the courage to lift up my bangs,” he wrote.

Set to the tune of his latest single ‘Bedroom’, a moody-looking JJ poses for the camera, before using his hand to push up his fringe. But that’s not the real JJ.

2 of 4 JJ? Is that you?

As it turns out, the singer used a trending TikTok filter, that renders your face as a cartoon character, as well as some nifty video editing, to hide how he really looks like without his fringe.

What a tease.

3 of 4 No filters please!

“Let's do one without the filter,” a fan commented in the comment sections, while another just straight up labelled JJ as a “scammer”.

“This doesn’t count [as a reveal at all],” another fan wrote.

4 of 4 Thanks, netizens

Dissatisfied with JJ's reveal , some other netizens then took matters into their own hands, scouring the web for pictures of JJ with his hair up.

And it looks like they were kinda successful, with this screenshot of JJ pushing his hair back during what appears to be a live stream making its rounds on the internet. Looks like JJ’s fans are pretty resourceful after all.

Photos: JJ Lin/TikTok, JJ Lin/Instagram, Sin Chew Daily

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