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P3HA Update: When Can We Eat In Groups Of 8? Who Can Dine In Groups Of 5? Are More People Allowed In Gyms?

FAQs about the relaxation of Covid-19 measures from Jul 12 onwards.

FAQs about the relaxation of Covid-19 measures from Jul 12 onwards.

FAQs about the relaxation of Covid-19 measures from Jul 12 onwards.

Ah, the day has finally come where you don’t need to feel silly when you walk into a restaurant and instinctively ask: “Can I have a table for two, please?”

Because come Jul 12, you no longer have to dine only in groups of two. Yes, Covid-19 restrictions have been eased once more, and groups of five can finally have a meal together in eateries from next Monday (Jul 12). But this isn’t the only measure that’s been loosened.

Herewith, a list of FAQs you may have about the easing of Covid-19 regulations from July 12.

Q: Okay, just to make sure. How many people can dine in at F&B establishments now?
A: From July 12, groups of up to five are allowed.

Q: Can F&B establishments finally play music again? Very quiet and sometimes very awkward leh.
A: No. Live entertainment, playing of music and videos are still not allowed at F&B outlets.

Q: Will more people be allowed in fitness studios and classes? It’s so hard to get a slot in my favourite yoga and spin classes now.
A: Yes. From Jul 12, gyms and fitness studios can conduct high-intensity/maskless activities in groups of up to five (an increase from the current two pax limit). Up to 50 people are allowed in classes as well (up from the current 30), depending on the venue’s size.

Q: Can I finally hold my wedding banquet?
A: Yes, wedding receptions where food and drinks are served will finally be allowed once more (only marriage solemnisations have been allowed until now). A maximum of 250 attendees will be allowed.

However, pre-event testing (PET) is a must. For wedding receptions with fewer than 50 people, only the wedding party needs to undergo PET. For receptions that have more than 50 pax, everyone attending must get tested.

Q: What’s this I hear about groups of eight being allowed to gather or eat together soon?
A: It's not official yet, but that's the plan mapped out by authorities. The group size limit for social gatherings and dining out may increase to eight, possibly in end July. However, everyone in the group of eight has to be fully vaccinated and have received both doses of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. It also depends if at least 50 per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated by then, and if the situation remains stable. Otherwise, the group limit stays at five.

Q: Er, but my kids are below 12 and can’t be vaccinated. Then how?
A: The authorities have said that details are being worked out for people who are not vaccinated as they may face adverse effects, or if they’re not eligible (kids aged 12 and below). Watch this space.

Q: So what other relaxed rules will apply to fully vaccinated people?
A: Nothing’s set in stone yet, but the authorities have mapped out some guidelines that can be expected to apply to fully vaccinated people in end July. And only if the situation remains stable.

Other than the 8 pax dining rule, the others include:
- Cinemas, congregational worship, live performances, spectator sports, wedding solemnisations and MICE events: Up to 500 people allowed (doubled from the current 250 pax) if all attendees are fully vaccinated.
- Workplaces: WFH remains the default arrangement for now, but more employees may be allowed to return to the workplace if the company meets a certain percentage of total employees who are fully vaccinated.

Infographic: Pyron TanPhoto: Unsplash/Jeremy Julian

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