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Pizza Hut launched a cilantro & pig’s blood pizza; a woman claims her Sheng Siong-purchased durians were fleshless.

Pizza Hut launched a cilantro & pig’s blood pizza; a woman claims her Sheng Siong-purchased durians were fleshless.

Pizza Hut launched a cilantro & pig’s blood pizza; a woman claims her Sheng Siong-purchased durians were fleshless.

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1 of 5 Man charged for mask-free MRT tirade shows up in court with no mask

Ex-naval officer Phoon Chiu Yoke is not the only one who refuses to wear a mask in Singapore. British national Benjamin Glynn was charged for going mask-free on public transport, and showed up in court without a mask. He was reminded by a judge to wear his mask, but removed it after the hearing, reported CNA. He also claimed he had legal counsel, but the man was not allowed into the court as he was in improper attire. Glynn was later photographed leaving the State Courts with a man dressed in a polo shirt.

Photo: Jeremy Long/ CNA

2 of 5 Pizza Hut launched a cilantro, century egg & pig’s blood cake pizza

In February 2021, Pizza Hut Singapore introduced a bubble tea-flavoured pizza. Not to be outdone, its Taiwan counterpart created a “cilantro century egg pig’s blood cake pizza , which costs 299 NTD (about S$14.50). The pie is sprinkled with the trio of toppings that have historically divided mankind and caused internet comment wars. Former Farenheit member Aaron Yan defended the pizza on Facebook, insisting that it was “Michelin-grade” and that cilantro is a “cancer-fighting ingredient”.

Photo: Facebook/ Aaron Yan

3 of 5 When microblading goes wrong but the damage is to your pocket

A man in China went to a salon for a haircut, and was persuaded by the staff to microblade his eyebrows. According to HK01, he picked an 88 yuan (S$18) package, but was later charged 5,000 yuan (S$1,040) for the service. The salon explained that the 88 yuan price was for one microbladed strand. The irate man lodged a complaint with the authorities, who ordered the salon to be closed for investigation.

Photo: HK01

4 of 5 Woman complains about fleshless Sheng Siong durians

It’s durian season, and Sheng Siong’s Bedok outlet attracted long lines for selling durians at low prices, with Mao Shan Wang going for $15/kg. Facebook user Siew Mui Ang bought two MSWs for $45, and posted on Facebook group Complaint Singapore that they were “super bad with thick husk and little flesh”. She added that Sheng Siong’s staff had apparently responded “rudely” to her feedback and insisted “MSW is like that, thick husk and little flesh”. She also posted a video of a durian being opened, revealing empty chambers.

Photo: Facebook/ Siew Mui Ang

5 of 5 Beow Tan is back

Former property agent Tan Beow Hiong, 57, went viral for publicly questioning fellow MRT passengers about their race. She also ran a YouTube channel with racially-charged video content, and was charged with public nuisance and disrupting harmonious racial relations. In a recent video posted by TikToker // [at] pale.nerves/video/6962027835900972290?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1">pale.nerves, Tan was again spotted on an MRT station escalator recording a video on her phone while commuters gawped.

Video & photo: TikTok/ pale.nerves

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