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Vin Diesel Is Determined To Promote His Movies In China Amid COVID-19 Fears

He doesn't want 'Bloodshot' or 'Fast and Furious 9' to be affected by the coronavirus and admits he is determined to preserve the cinematic experience.

Vin Diesel will not let the coronavirus threat delay his movies Bloodshot or Fast and Furious 9.


The 52-year-old actor is always determined to please his fans and admits that he is begging to promote F9 in China, despite the threat of the respiratory disease, which has seen the release of James Bond flick 'No Time To Die' pushed back from April until November.

In an interview with USA Today, Diesel said: I love to show up for the audience and for the fans because God knows how much they've showed up for me.

I'm crazy. I'm begging Sony to let me go to China, even now. And you should see everyone's faces like, 'You're going alone, buddy!'

Diesel admits that he won't fault anyone questioning the decision to release F9 in May, as planned, but he thinks Universal Pictures should stick to the schedule.

Diesel said: I won't fault anyone in the world for saying, 'You guys are stupid for releasing this movie right now.'

[But] we need movies now more than ever. We're already in a very interesting time where cinema and the cinematic experience is so threatened. So, yes, put it on record we're going to show up.

Diesel wants to support the magic of the cinematic experience and believes that the film is about spreading happiness, rather than just box office figures.

He said: There is a magic to the cinematic experience. I like to support that in every single way. Maybe the higher thinking is not to just focus on the box office, but know that we're all one world and we all have to get through this together.

Diesel also claims that he looks at the situation in a similar manner to his titular character in Bloodshot, which sees him play a soldier brought back to life with the use of nanotechnology which give him superpowers.

He explained: Let me put it to you this way: Bloodshot is a soldier and a soldier doesn't decide or pick when or where he's deployed. We're going to go in. — BANG

Bloodshot opens in cinemas Mar 12.

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos

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