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Sheila Sim’s 17-Month-Old Daughter Contracts COVID-19 Two Days After The Actress Tested Positive For The Virus

The actress’ husband, who’s currently in Switzerland, is also down with COVID-19.

Sheila Sim, her husband, Deon, and their daughter, Layla, have tested positive for COVID-19, the actress shared in a series of Instagram updates this week.

It all started on March 7, when Sheila, 37, revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

“What a shitty situation,” Sheila wrote, adding that she’s “trying to find ways to self isolate”.

“I hope Layla will be ok,” she wrote, sharing that her 17-month-old daughter's Antigen Rapid Test (ART) test had come back negative then.

  • Sheila and her husband Deon

    1 of 4Sheila and her husband Deon

    A day later, she said that her husband, banker Deon Woo, 41, who’s currently in Switzerland, also tested positive for COVID-19 on the fourth day of his trip. She added that he will have to remain in Switzerland until he recovers and tests negative.

    “Clueless as to when that’ll happen but we know he’s trying his very best. We live in such a weird time. Don’t even know what’s normal anymore,” she mused.

    Turning her attention to back home in Singapore, she added: “I hear my child laughing and crying for mama in the background. All I want is to give her a big kiss and a good cuddle. But here I am, in isolation.”

    “I know it’s just a few days and it’ll all be over before I know it. But right now, it feels like forever. And all I can do is wait… and take things 1 step at a time."

  • The mum guilt is real

    2 of 4The mum guilt is real

    In another post, Sheila wrote that she bawled her eyes out when she first knew that she’d tested positive, worried that she could not be there for her daughter during self-isolation.

    "I felt so guilty for not taking good care of myself, knowing clearly that Layla's already been feeling needy [‘cos] papa is away," she elaborated. "And then now I gotta be isolated and separated from her too. I really blamed myself for not taking better care of myself."

    Thankfully, a number of friends and family stepped up to offer their support and assistance.

"I've had parcels delivered to my house, hung at my door, friend[s] coming to take Layla out for a walk, grandparents taking turn to babysit Layla,” she captioned.

"Big thank you to those who reached out to us. No matter how big or small the gesture was, we felt it deeply in our hearts. So many mamas shared stories on their isolation. Thank you mamas for always inspiring me and for reminding me that I am stronger than what I think I am."

Sheila also thanked their helper who took care of things at home and looked after Layla with no complaints.


  • Oh no...

    3 of 4Oh no...

    Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse the next day on March 9: Layla was down with a 39°C fever, though she was still testing negative on the ART.

    However, six hours later, Sheila confirmed that Layla had tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Here's to a speedy recovery for Sheila and her family

    4 of 4Here's to a speedy recovery for Sheila and her family

    Photos: Sheila Sim/Instagram

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