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Singaporean Man Flies To Thailand Just To Have Dinner With Friends After Accepting Their Dare

10 out of 10 solid friend.

Most of us would have that one dependable friend who is always able to meet us at the drop of a hat. Impromptu dinners? Going out to town on a whim? They're always there for you. 

But we can agree that getting said friend to board a plane just to have dinner together is a very big ask.

Yet that’s exactly what one friend of TikToker Esther Li (@estzxxx) did.

In a TikTok posted earlier this month, Esther shared a clip of her friend who travelled to Thailand upon accepting her dare.

She wrote: “We dared our friend to come to Bangkok for dinner. AND HE DID. 12 Hour Trip. (8pm touch down, he is flying back next day 8am)"

Answering to a comment on her post, Esther shared that the man is a friend of hers and her husband.

In her caption, she also added: “When SG Chatukchak is way too packed. So you fly to Bangkok for the real one."

Netizens wanted to be his friend too

Netizens were super impressed by how game Esther’s friend was, with some of them leaving envious comments.

“And meanwhile my friends can’t even go down our house coffee shop to eat dinner (sic),” wrote one netizen.

Another said: “Ask [my] friend go upper Thomson eat prata also cannot”.

Some also assumed that the friend is rich because he was able to buy an air ticket just like that.

But in all honesty, we think that’s what you would call a win-win situation.

Photos: Esther Li (estzxxx)/ TikTok

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