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'So fast meh?': TikTok couple shares adorable videos of pregnancy announcement to family and friends

TikTok influencers Deborah and Fabian Gilbert, who got married in November last year, posted videos of themselves surprising their loved ones with the good news. 

Singaporean TikTokers Deborah and Fabian Gilbert are known on the social media app for sharing super adorable and relatable couple content, and to date, have amassed 97.7k and 89.8k followers respectively.

The couple got married in November last year and have since started to take their followers along for the ‘married life’ ride with them. 

Five days ago (Feb 27), Deborah took to her page to post a video that she took on Christmas eve, where she surprised Fabian with her positive pregnancy test kit. 

She subsequently shared a couple more vids of herself and Fabian telling family and friends about the good news.

In the video titled “Telling loved ones we’re pregnant”, the couple hid the positive test kit in gift boxes and filmed the reactions of their close pals and family members.

The vids were presumably filmed during Christmas, so none of their friends appeared suspicious of the reveal. That, plus the fact that they have really sporting friends who are probably used to being in clips filmed by the influencers.

While most of the people featured in the video were stunned upon finding the test stick under their gifts, some also had rather funny reactions; such as their friend who joked that the couple was presenting him with a “positive Covid test”. 

Another friend also made sure to check if he was being “pranked”, before bursting out in laughter asking, “so fast meh?”

The heart-warming clip also saw Deborah and Fabian’s friends congratulating them on the happy news, and many netizens were touched by the scene, leaving comments saying that they were “crying” at the “wholesome video”.

Deborah also posted a clip of her mother, post-pregnancy announcement, where the older lady revealed that she had already predicted the news. 

“Before you go and test that you’re pregnant ah(sic), my husband [dreamt] of a dog [with baby] beside it,” said her mum to Fabian. 

“In this story, I’m the dog, is it?” asked Deborah, who then got a nod from her mum. 

Turns out the TikToker was born in the year of the dog, which suggests that her dad had a pretty psychic moment in his sleep.

In the last of the series of videos, Deborah posted a separate clip of her best friends reacting to her pregnancy news as well. “They are not my maid of honour for NOTHING I can guess the strands of hair on their heads,” she quipped in her caption. 

And it must be said that her predictions were super spot on. 

She accurately depicted how they would react when they first opened the box, followed by their repeated “Oh My God” exclamations when they saw the positive test kit. 

She was even able to guess that one of her friends would immediately start sobbing tears of joy. 

The adorable clip then ended with her sobbing friend looking back at cameraman Fabian and telling him: “Your sperm really so good ah.” It was a rhetorical question that did not get a confirmation. 

Photos: Deborah Gilbert/ Instagram, Deborah Gilbert/ TikTok

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