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Taiwanese pastor angers Blackpink fans for saying the group is just '4 people who will never know you'

The pastor has since apologised for his remarks, adding that he might be willing to spend good money for Andy Lau concert tickets.

Korean group Blackpink’s recent concert in Taiwan has generated a lot of heat online. From concertgoers complaining about fellow fans blocking their view to this Taiwanese pastor, who appeared to think that the Korean group is more popular than Jesus.

In a post made on his Facebook on March 19, the pastor, Wayne Zhang wrote: "40,000 tickets gone in a second, everyone's waiting in line, [to] yell at the top of their lungs for three hours, [and they think] it’s worth it, but to meet [Jesus] just beside your house, with no need to queue, for 90 minutes, is too long!” 

Wayne then went on to grumble that he can’t understand why fans are willing to fork out NT$4,400 (S$192), or even NT$100,000 (S$4,371) for tickets from scalpers to see Blackpink, or, in his words, “four people who will never know you”.

BLACKPINK performed to a sold-out crowd for 2 nights in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

“[But] everyone’s not willing to get to know someone who’s willing to die on the cross for you, your best friend. Black red [Jesus Christ]. Everyone, remember to come see him on Easter,” he wrote.

He then wondered if modern churches aren’t “living up to the value of Jesus”, musing that this “is not Jesus’ fault, but the fault of modern churches”.

Wayne’s post hit a nerve with netizens, many of whom were not pleased at the pastor's comparison.

"Don't you know that Jesus loves Blackpink?" wrote one netizen, while others criticised the pastor for being passive-aggressive.

Following the uproar, Wayne put up another post apologising for his remarks. He wrote that he was merely sharing his own thoughts, and that he couldn’t understand why people are willing to pay such exorbitant prices for concert tickets. 

He then attempted to explain himself, writing that he's an "oldie" who loves U2 and Andy Lau, and that he thinks he might be willing to fork out the same price for Andy Lau concert tickets.

Finally, he ended off his post with this pointed statement: “I'm looking forward to seeing Blackpink’s 70th anniversary concert”.


Photos: Wayne Zhang/Facebook, BLACKPINK/Instagram

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