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Tanya Chua Shot Her Latest Music Video At Home

The Singaporean singer is definitely embracing this work-from-home arrangement.

We’re all pretty much used to working from home no thanks to COVID-19, but Tanya Chua took that to the next level by shooting her music video for 'Om Tara' in the comfort of her crib.

The Taiwan-based Singaporean singer took to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan 11), the same day the music video was released, to share the process of how everything came to be.

She wrote: “Some songs have a magical energy. I remember that I was writing multiple songs at the same time for my DEPART album when one day, I felt like a voice told me, ‘Stop. Write this song first.’”

“The phrase ‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha’ kept repeating in my head and I wrote the song at one go. After I finished it, I had a strange feeling; doubt? Why did I write such a song? I only realised later that it was perhaps written to pray for humankind. I’m just a messenger who is sharing the Green Tara with everyone through music. At least, that’s my opinion of the song.”


    Tanya's photos of plants

    Tanya's photos of plants

    While Tanya had no plans to shoot a music video for 'Om Tara', director Shockley Huang suddenly texted her out of the blue.

    “He noticed that I’ve been taking a lot of photos of plants recently and encouraged me to continue as I could one day hold a photo exhibition. He gifted me with a camera too,” she revealed.

    “I was flattered as someone who is taking photos purely as a hobby and has very average skills, but I also started taking more photos of plants. Shockley would give me advice along the way, and while we were chatting about photography, he said that I should use these photos in my music.”

    She suggested 'Om Tara' for this project, and they discussed the possibility of shooting a music video. As there was no allocated budget for the shoot, they decided to film it in her home.

    Tanya in Om Tara

    Tanya in Om Tara

    Calling the song a “gift from the heavens”, Tanya said she hopes it would bring positive energy to those who hear it, encouraging listeners to share it with their friends so that “more hearts can be blessed”.


Photos: PBE Media


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