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Taxi Driver Posts Unglam Pic Of HK Star Wong Ha-Wai, 91, Falling Asleep In Taxi While Applying Lipstick; Sparking An Unexpected Response From The Veteran Actress

She had a pretty witty response to the viral pics though.

It’s no secret that Hongkong veteran actress Wong Ha-Wai, 91, aka Lana Wong, is incredibly well-loved by audiences and netizens.

Her happy disposition and ability to crack jokes, even during unpleasant instances have made her a hit among her fans.

So, how could anyone set out to embarrass her, right? Wrong.

On Wednesday (June 22), a taxi driver posted an unglamourous photo of Ha-Wai asleep in his taxi on a Facebook group. She was seen holding an uncapped lipstick in her hand, with her mouth ajar while she snoozed in the backseat.

The caption that accompanied the picture was “Ha-Wai-jie fell asleep halfway while applying her lipstick, what to do?”.

After the pic went viral, many took to the comments to point out that it was extremely rude for the taxi driver to snap a pic of his passenger.

One netizen wrote: “If you were the one taking public transport and someone were to film you and post it online, how would you feel?”

A fellow cabby also commented that he was “embarrassed” at said taxi driver’s actions. Some also defended Ha-Wai, saying that it was “very normal for someone to fall asleep when tired”.

This would be the perfect time to mention that Ha-Wai turns 92 at the end of this year, and is still making her own way around town after a day of work.

Ha-Wai, however, proved yet again why she's a hot favourite with her gracious, yet witty response.

“No, I don’t want [this pic]! I just finished filming for a programme and wanted to get some rest in the taxi, I did not expect to have my picture taken. I can’t believe the driver managed to capture this moment of me holding my lipstick and falling asleep, looking like I died!” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Her response has garnered over 9,000 likes at press time, with many netizens praising her for being kind in not pursuing the matter.

Many left supportive comments such as “Ha-Wai BB’s EQ is really high” and “When Ha-Wai Jie is being gracious, the awkwardness is immediately dissolved”.

Earlier this month, the actress had announced that she would be moving away from Hongkong for good come August, and many had taken to her page to express just how much she would be missed.

Photos: HK01, Wong Ha-Wai/ Facebook

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