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Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein Says His Parents Almost Missed His Thor: Love and Thunder Cameo Because They Weren’t Told About It

This story contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder, so skip this if you haven’t seen the movie.

If you don't already know, Brett Goldstein, the Emmy-winning star of the Apple TV+ football comedy Ted Lasso,  turned up in the mid-credits scene — the first of two end-credits stingers — of Thor: Love and Thunder, which has grossed nearly US$500 million (S$698 mil) globally since its roll-out early this month.

In the scene, we see Zeus (Russell Crowe) going on and on about being slighted by Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his friends in an incident in Omnipotent City earlier in the movie. To avenge his damaged ego, Zeus tasks his son Hercules to tear God of Thunder a new one. The camera then cuts to a chiselled, hairy-chested Goldstein, who replies to Zeus, “Yes, father.”

Speaking to Variety at a Ted Lasso event on Monday (July 18), Goldstein said he invited his parents to catch the Taika Waititi-helmed sequel without informing them of his cameo.

“I didn’t tell anyone because Marvel put a chip in my neck that said ‘If you talk about this you’re dead,'” he joked. “My mum and dad, I sent them a text and said ‘I’ve just seen “Thor.”‘ I knew it’s not the kind of film they’d see. I said, ‘You should go see it. It’s funny.'”

Goldstein, who’s up for another Emmy as foul-mouthed footballer Roy Kent in September, added, “My mum is texting me all the way through the film giving me a running commentary. “I’m like, ‘Just watch the film!’ It gets to the end bit, where it shows Russell Crowe… My mum texts me ‘Russell Crowe’s in it again, he’s very funny.’ I go, ‘F***ing look up at the screen!'”

When asked about Hercules’ future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Goldstein is — surprise, surprise — tight-lipped about it. “I truly, honestly — this isn’t me lying or being coy — I know nothing,” Goldstein said. (We’ve heard that one excuse before — hello, Andrew Garfield!)

“All I know is what I did that day and that’s it. That could be it. It was a fun three seconds.”

Goldstein’s Hercules is the latest MCU appearance that no one saw coming. Before that, it was Harry Styles as cosmic fighter Starfox in Eternals and then Charlize Theron’s sorcerer Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of the Madness.

Where are all these cameos leading up to? No one knows for sure. Perhaps all will be revealed at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con where Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is expected to share the company’s upcoming line-up.  

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos

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