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“There Will Always Be People Who Are More Beautiful”: Shu Qi, 46, Is No Longer Bothered About Getting Age Shamed

The screen goddess was criticised for showing her white hair on social media a couple of years back.

Remember when netizens tried (and failed) to shame Shu Qi for having white hair two years ago?

Well, the screen beauty, now 46, has kept to her positive outlook on ageing.

“Although I often say that appearances don’t matter and ageing is part and parcel of life, I still get a little affected when I see other people who still look to be in great condition,” said Shu Qi in her recent interview with ELLE Taiwan.

She admitted that she is “lazy” and someone who “loves to eat”, but never gives in to over-indulging, and would only allow herself to gain a maximum of 5kg.

However, beauty is not something Shu Qi is obsessed with anymore.

“There will always be people in the world who are more beautiful, better at taking care of their looks, and more disciplined! I am not really bothered by the criticism every time I make an appearance,” she said.

White hair don't care

Shu Qi also revealed that she has been suffering from skin allergies for many years now.

She was once filming in Guangdong for seven to eight months during the summer, and had a very bad episode of flare-ups.

She said her allergies would worsen in the middle of the night, and she would not be able to sleep at all. She tried many ways to alleviate the allergies, but only managed to ease them temporarily.

Shu Qi says that she is able to take the pain her body goes through during these flare-ups, but her allergies would lead to her face swelling up, which would affect her performance at work.

“For someone who has very high expectations when it comes to acting, I would be very angry with myself,” she revealed.

As a result, Shu Qi had to cut down on her work, so her body would have time to build up its immunity.

She does, however, feel it’s time to test the waters again and see how her allergies now that she has rested for a while.

“It’s said that the cells in human bodies will regenerate every seven years right? I think [I] might be better now!” she added.

Shu Qi looking gorgeous on the cover of Elle Taiwan Photos: ETToday, Oriental Daily

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