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Tony Leung Looks So Helpless In This Photo Of A Female Guest Snuggling Up To Him At Carina Lau’s 56th Birthday Party

Netizens were completely ticked by his awkward and meme-worthy expression.

Hongkong screen legend Tony Leung may be a highly respected thespian, but just like anyone else, he’s had his fair share of awkward moments. In fact, the 59-year-old is known to be quite shy.

On Tuesday (Dec 7), Tony’s wife Carina Lau threw a big party in Shanghai to celebrate her 56th birthday, which fell on Wednesday (Dec 8).

The birthday girl looked stunning in a black dress with a plunging neckline that showed off a generous amount of cleavage… but it was her husband who unwittingly made headlines instead.

  • Looking good!

    Looking good!

    Pics from the bash show that it was a super lavish affair, with tons of flowers, crystal chandeliers, and of course, many of their friends in attendance (looks like life has more or less gone back to normal in that part of the world).

    Naturally, everyone there grabbed the opportunity to take photos with the couple, and a few shots of Tony with a very enthusiastic female guest have netizens in stitches thanks to the star’s hilarious and very meme-worthy expressions.

    Judging from the pics, the woman, whose identity is unknown, is clearly a very, very big fan of Tony — just look at how she clings to him and comes this close to snogging him:

  • You can see him get more uncomfortable the closer she gets

    You can see him get more uncomfortable the closer she gets

  • “Help!!!”


    The lady — whom we have to say is pretty ballsy considering Carina is right there — was having the time of her life rubbing shoulders (and cheeks) with her idol. Tony, on the other hand, appeared a lot less excited, much to the amusement of netizens, who teased his “embarrassed and polite” smile and how his eyes had grown as wide as saucers.

    Other comments include: “He must be thinking about calling the police for help”, “Tony: Terrified.jpg”, “Why isn’t Carina coming out to beat her up?”, and “What is she doing? Tony looks so frightened”.

    Then again, this isn’t the first time Tony has displayed such discomfort in a photo with a woman: Remember the face he made in this snap with Carina and ex-Bond girl Olga Kurylenko two years ago?

    Still, we think this would be a good opportunity to remind everyone that it isn’t a very good idea to throw yourself at someone like that without their permission (even if you have a massive crush on them).

  • Olga went on to play Tony’s love interest so things are good between them

    Olga went on to play Tony’s love interest so things are good between them


Photos: 娱乐观察站/Weibo, Tony Leung/Instagram, Carina Lau/Weibo

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