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Tony Leung Used To Be A Party Boy And Would Go Clubbing Even After A Whole Day Of Filming

And somehow, he still managed to turn up on time for work the next day.

And somehow, he still managed to turn up on time for work the next day.

And somehow, he still managed to turn up on time for work the next day.

It’s a little hard to picture it, but Hongkong actor Tony Leung, 58, was quite the party boy back in the day, as Hongkong actress-host Carol Cheng, 63, revealed recently.

Carol and Tony go way back, having starred alongside each other 34 years ago in TVB period drama Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre.

And Carol dropped this little tidbit of information when she interviewed Tony for his latest film, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.

1 of 4 Wonder if this was what Tony wore to go clubbing back then

According to Carol, Tony really loved clubbing, and would go off to have fun even after a whole day of filming. But, instead of pulling a diva move and skipping work the next day, Tony somehow still managed to be on set on time.

“I was young then!” Tony laughed in response, before adding: “But that was 20, 30, years ago, now, I go home after having dinner.”

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The actor also shared that his hobbies are now far more wholesome. These days, Tony wakes up at 6am every morning to exercise for two hours, before washing up and heading to the supermarket to buy salad and buckwheat noodles that he would cook for brunch.

If he doesn't have work planned, then Tony will stay at home to read, watch movies, and have dinner, before calling it a night. A far cry from his old clubbing days, no?

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Tony also revealed that he eats really healthily ‘cos he’s prone to food poisoning.

“I get food poisoning really easily, and if I’m sick, it’s hard to work. Once, when I was filming [Hongkong auteur Wong Kar Wai]’s 2046, I was running a fever, but the director said that Zhang Ziyi was only free on that day, so we had to film,” Tony recalled, adding that he had no choice but to shoot his scenes that day.

Speaking of filming, Tony shared that he shot for 10 hours every day when working on Shang-Chi, with no time for rest or meals in-between, though there was always food on set.

He also said that the schedule was really packed and likened the fast pace to when he used to shoot TVB dramas.

4 of 4 Tony Leung and Carol Cheng

Photos: Tony Leung/Instagram, Carol Cheng/Instagram

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