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Trailer Watch: Tony Leung, Andy Lau face-off again in The Goldfinger, 20 years after Infernal Affairs

The crime drama also stars Simon Yam, Charlene Choi and Alex Fong. 

Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai are feuding again. On-screen, that is.

The Goldfinger (formerly known as Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong), which just dropped its first teaser, marks the first time Lau and Leung are teaming up since the end of the Infernal Affairs trilogy 20 years ago. (What?!)

The 1980s-set crime drama, written and directed by Infernal Affairs scribe Felix Chong, tells the story of Cheng Yiyan (Leung), the morally questionable chairman of a Hong Kong conglomerate who’s the subject of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigation spanning 15 years.

Lau plays Cheng’s nemesis, an ICAC investigator.

The movie’s fictional company is reportedly based on the Carrian Group, a business behemoth that started out humbly as a pest control operator, and then went on to become one of the largest listed firms in the 1980s following a rapid series of property acquisitions before going bust shortly thereafter due a corruption scandal.

The cast members in the movie, which reportedly cost US$30.8 million (S$42 mil), include Simon Yam, Charlene Choi, Alex Fong, Chin Kar-Lok, Carlos Chan, and Tai-Bo.

Check out the teaser (in Cantonese!):

The Goldfinger is expected to open in cinemas in either July or August.

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