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TVB Actress Lesley Chiang, 36, Who’s The Daughter Of Paul Chun, Married Her Engineer Boyfriend In The US 3 Months Ago

She said her 76-year-old father was the funniest part of the wedding.

Things have been going really well for Hongkong actress Lesley Chiang.

Not only was the 36-year-old named the Most Improved Female Artiste at the 
TVB Anniversary Awards in January, she made her Hollywood debut in March. 

And now, Lesley, who is the daughter of 76-year-old veteran Hongkong actor Paul Chun, has announced on her Instagram that she has married her 31-year-old engineer boyfriend, Pakho. 

Posting a picture of her and Pakho both dressed in white, and with the iconic Griffith Observatory in the background, Lesley wrote: “We got married” with a ring and broccoli emoji. 

And yes, that's a broccoli bouquet she's holding. 

Lesley then revealed in an interview with Hongkong media Ming Pao Weekly that she and Pakho actually got married on March 17 in Los Angeles. 

“The weather was great that day, we were both standing on the peak of Griffith Observatory, the view was beautiful,” she said.

“We could see the Hollywood sign while looking at the observatory, the atmosphere was great. Even though everything was simple, it was very sweet and heartwarming.”

Lesley Chiang married

Many of her showbiz pals such as Grace Wong, Yoyo Chen and Mandy Wong have since left comments congratulating the couple. 

Just look at how happy he is

Lesley also shared that her father and their family and friends in Hongkong watched the entire ceremony via a live stream. 

“[My] Dad is adorable, [he’s] probably the funniest part of the wedding,” she quipped.

How so?

“We hired a photographer that day but my dad was recording [the ceremony] with his phone the whole time. There were many instances when we couldn’t see his face and could only hear the sound of his camera coming from the screen," she said. 

“He kept asking very loudly if we could see and hear him clearly, which we all could. We found him really funny and could feel how nervous he was, trying to record all the moments.”

Lesley also said that her father had given them his blessings before they left for the States, and that he told her he was really proud of her. 

“It really felt like we were in a TVB drama. I know he will definitely miss me, but I reminded him that no matter what, he will always be my number one,” she said.

Her happily ever after

Lesley and her husband had plans to get married in 2020, and even had their vows ready then. Then the pandemic happened and their wedding got pushed back again and again.

Lesley, who dated Hongkong singer Fred Cheng for eight years before she was with Pakho, also shared that she became more confident and mature after meeting her husband.

“There are many things I encounter at work that are very outlandish, but when I get home, I'm able to have a simple and happy life. I find myself very blessed. [I’m] Thankful for this balance and I feel really lucky,” she said. 

Lesley's even prepared a gift for her dad

The actress, who plans to hold a wedding banquet in Hongkong, added that she has designed a few wedding gowns, which she intends to wear when her father walks her down the aisle. 

Lesley has also released a new single, titled "My Dad Married Me Off", which she calls "a love letter to [her] father, and all fathers-of-brides out there!"

Catch a very cute sneak peek of it here:

Photos: Lesley Chiang/Instagram

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