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Wang Xiaofei Lashes Out At Dee Hsu For Hyping Ex-Wife Barbie’s New Romance; Asks If She Has Taken “Too Many Pills Again”

Dee's response to her ex brother-in-law was mature and measured, and safe to say, Xiaofei doesn't end up looking too good after the exchange.

Did Dee Hsu, 43, really go overboard with her mentions of her sister, 45-year-old Barbie Hsu’s juicy new romance? Barbie’s ex-husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 40, sure seems to think so.

On March 30, Xiaofei shared a clip of the trailer for Dee’s new talk show, Dee Girls Talk, on his Weibo.

In the clip, Dee happily discusses Barbie’s new love, declaring that she instantly guessed that Barbie’s new husband was Korean DJ Koo Jun Yup, 52. She also shared that Barbie and Jun Yup were “forced" to break up years ago, and that she was very happy to see them reunited.

And boy, did Xiaofei take offence at this.

  • He sure is very active on the internet

    1 of 3He sure is very active on the internet

    “Is that so? You guessed that [Barbie and Jun Yup were together] long ago? When was that? Did you take too many pills today again?” he seethed in his post.

    The businessman did not appear to be satisfied with his initial post, and went on to gripe in the comments: “You're leaping around in glee everyday, are you done or not?”

    Predictably, Xiaofei’s bitter post didn’t strike a chord amongst netizens, many of whom reprimanded him for his harsh words.

    Here what he had to say in reply: “First of all, I didn’t drink alcohol, it’s just that there’s no end [to this whole thing]/ Secondly, my kids are in Taipei [with Barbie], I’ve already compromised a lot. Thirdly, your older sister hasn’t even said anything, what are you doing by showing off every day? For the sake of my kids, don’t go overboard with your bullying!”.

  • Barbie and Xiaofei with their kids

    2 of 3Barbie and Xiaofei with their kids

    He also shared that he “doesn't want his kids to call someone he doesn’t know ‘Dad’". Barbie and Xiaofei have two kids together, seven-year-old daughter Hsi-yueh and five-year-old son Hsi-lin.

    However, he feels that returning to Taipei right now is only setting himself up to get insulted.

    After his rant, Xiaofei unfollowed Dee on Weibo.

  • Wonder what Barbie thinks of this whole thing

    3 of 3Wonder what Barbie thinks of this whole thing

    A few hours later, Dee responded to Xiaofei’s words through her manager.

    Quoting a passage from ‘Ge Yan Lian Bi’, a Buddhist book meant to guide those who wish to master their emotions and keep their mind calm, Dee expressed her intention to remain silent and tolerant even when slandered by others.

    Photos: Wang Xiaofei/Weibo, Dee Hsu/Instagram, PBE Media

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