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'[We were] scared to death!' said fan who saw Korean boyband member catch fire during concert

Thankfully, Treasure's Yoon Jaehyuk is fine.

Concert organisers really have to do a better job at ensuring the safety of performers these days.

Last year, a massive LED screen suspended from the ceiling of the Hong Kong Coliseum fell on a group of dancers during boyband Mirror's concert, leaving two men seriously injured. 

Then earlier this week, a member of Korean boyband Treasure actually caught fire during their recent show in Thailand.

Imagine if he was standing any closer to the flamethrower

At the band's recent concert in Bangkok, 21-year-old Yoon Jaehyuk was walking up the stage when the flamethrower at the side suddenly went off, engulfing some parts of his body in flames.

The shocked singer quickly went off stage to attend to his wound, only rejoining his group five minutes later with a bandage on his right hand.

Thankfully, he could perform as normal. He also removed the bandage as the show went on.

After the gig, Jaehyuk went on a live stream from his hotel room to assure fans that he was fine and told them not to worry.

“There is no problem. Look, see? I’m fine. Totally fine! I heard that everyone is worried about me. I’m really okay," he emphasised.

That said, fans have since expressed concern that this is not the first time an accident caused by equipment malfunction happened at a concert organised by YG entertainment, which is Treasure's agency. 

"[We] were scared to death! Luckily he's not injured," said one fan, who had witnessed the accident.

Another netizen also pointed out that if it was a female singer dressed in a skirt or shorts, the consequences would've been dire.

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