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This Is Why Cyndi Wang Only Shows Her Left Profile In Her Pictures

She’s working her angle(s), okay?

Here’s a nickname for Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang, 39, that you might not have heard of: “The Queen Of Left Profiles”.

If you haven't noticed, Cyndi really, really, really prefers photos of her to be taken from her left profile.

In fact, if you scroll through her Instagram, you’d be hard pressed to find even one picture that shows her right profile. But why, though?

One angle to rule them all.

Well, Cyndi recently revealed the answer on talk show, 36 Questions, which is hosted by Aaron Yan, Sandy Wu and Jesse Tang.

Aaron first got the ball rolling by asking Cyndi: “What happened to the other side of your face?” to which Cyndi jokingly said: “I can’t answer that right now…”.

This was the best "no left profile" picture we could find on Cyndi's IG.

However, she eventually cracked, and revealed: “It's not that I don’t have pictures of my right profile, when I appear on shows or dramas, my left and right profiles will definitely be filmed. [However], our faces are all asymmetrical, and there’s definitely one side that looks nicer.”

Shooing all bad pictures to the left, to the left.

Cyndi then went on to share that for things like album covers or promotional pictures, all artistes would want the final product to look as perfect as possible. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the pictures, it’s only natural to choose pictures that show her left profile.

“My left profile is really more sweet and lovely, and it’s more attractive than the right,” she said.

Staying true to her sweet image.

Photos: Cyndi Wang/Instagram

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