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Yvonne Lim Was Hong Huifang’s Personal Assistant At Golden Horse Awards

And she was a total pro at her job. 

By now, you would have seen photos of Hong Huifang looking poised and elegant as she walked the red carpet in her white custom gown at the Golden Horse Awards last Saturday (Nov 19). But what you didn’t see was Yvonne Lim working behind the scenes to keep Huifang looking immaculate all night.

Yes, Taiwan-based Yvonne not only played tour guide to Huifang, she also doubled up as her pal’s personal assistant at the Awards.

This morning, Huifang took to Instagram to share snaps from the night as well as thank Yvonne for her help and undivided attention.

“I was very honoured and blessed to have a very important assistant by my side @yvonnelim928 on the night of the Golden Horse Awards, helping me all the way. I am so blessed, love you,” she wrote.

In the pics, Yvonne can be seen touching up Huifang’s make-up and helping Ajoomma director He Shuming straighten his suit before he hit the red carpet.

Last checks on team Ajoomma before they walk the red carpet

Touching up before the ceremony

Yvonne later shared on IG that she wanted to be there for Huifang and thinks she aced her job as a PA.

“From touching up her make-up, holding her dress, making sure I am in her sight all the time, lost count of the number of times my [OK emoji) sign was up… I think I am pretty good at [her job]! Anyone wants to sign up for PA course with me?” she quipped.

Besides being Huifang's PA, learned that Yvonne also had a hand in her pal’s styling.

There was a minor hiccup with the jewellery Huifang was supposed to wear at the ceremony, and Yvonne and her hubby Alex Tien found her a sponsor – French jeweller Boucheron – at the eleventh hour.

Talk about coming through for a friend!

Photos: Hong Huifang/Instagram, Yvonne Lim/Instagram

Watch #JustSwipeLah to see what Huifang and Yvonne got up to in Taipei:

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