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Zhang Zetong, Sheryl Ang On The Challenges They're Facing As Newbies; Sheryl Says Her Acting Was Once Dissed By A Cameraman

The Star Search alums also got some advice from their mentor Christopher Lee on the latest episode of Dishing with Chris Lee.

On the third episode of Dishing with Chris Lee, the guests at Chris' outdoor Pulau Ubin kitchen were none other than the Ah Ge’s 'students' from his time as a mentor on Star Search 2019: Zhang Zetong, 29, Herman Keh, 25 and Sheryl Ang, 23.

Instead of whipping up a feast with his good ol’ wok, Chris chose to prepare Chinese-style kebabs for his guests as he wanted them to spend more time sitting down together and chatting about their showbiz experiences so far.

Besides being nagged at by Chris for the most part, Herman also prepared a steamed fish dish, which he learnt from his mum just a week before.

  • Chris wanted to find out if his students were doing okay

    1 of 2Chris wanted to find out if his students were doing okay

    When asked about the hardships they have faced since embarking on their showbiz careers, the three young stars hesitated for a moment before each sharing their experiences.

    Sheryl recalled an incident when she had to “look touched while flipping through a sketchbook”. She had just finished filming a scene that required her to cry, and her “eyes were already dry”. So when the director asked if they should take a close-up shot of her eyes, a cameraman replied, “No need lah, there’s nothing to see in her eyes anyway.”

    She added that she felt stressed back then, as she did not know how to react in that situation. Zetong concurred with Sheryl as he too went through something similar.

    “I was acting a scene halfway when an airplane flew by, and that halted filming for a while. After the noise was over, I asked for some time to look at my script as I forgot the lines. The director then called me out for not remembering my script well," said Zetong, adding that the incident made him feel pretty lousy.

    Herman on the other hand, said that such incidents happen to him daily. He shared that although he tends to put on a smile in front of others, he does feel sad when he returns home from filming.

  • The newbie actors went home with full bellies, and wise words from their mentor

    2 of 2The newbie actors went home with full bellies, and wise words from their mentor

    After listening to what the three newbies had to say, Chris offered them some advice.

    “Sometimes you’ll have to find your own way to deal with such problems, you’ll have to try to get over them the best you can. You don’t have to be afraid that others will look down on you because you’re new,” Chris assured them.

    “Of course, you will have to be professional when working. I feel that everyone will treat you professionally if you do so. Play your part well, and no one will have anything (bad) to say about you,” he added.

Watch the full episode below to find out how the rest of the reunion between the students and their mentor went. You can also watch the show on meWATCH here.


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