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The doctor will see you next – via an app

The doctor will see you next – via an app

Consult a GP via video-call on an app, and get medicine delivered to your doorstep. Photos: Doctor World

Seeing a doctor doesn’t always have to involve leaving your house. One of the most exciting innovations of the digital revolution is telehealth, where consulting a general practitioner (GP) can be done via video-call on an app, with medicine delivered to your doorstep.

Telehealth companies like Doctor World offer more than just access to medical advice. Doctor World’s app is a full-fledged health and wellness platform that aims to provide users a comprehensive suite of healthcare services.


For those who have mobility issues, work long hours or live a distance from the nearest clinic, being able to access medical care via an app is a welcomed change.

The Doctor World app is simple to use. After downloading the app, sign up for an account and input your payment information. Next, select an option to launch a teleconsultation with a Singapore-registered GP, which is conducted via video-call.

Before the teleconsultation begins, you will be asked to answer a short series of questions regarding your symptoms, drug allergies and current medications. After the consultation, you will get a consultation report – which includes details of the diagnosis, prescription and bill – via the app and email. If an electronic medical certificate is required, it will be emailed as well, saving you the hassle of collecting and managing paper documentation. All you have to do afterwards is rest while waiting for your medicine to be couriered over within three hours.

Unlike many clinics, Doctor World’s GP consultation service is available all day and night, even on public holidays and weekends. Users can also select the doctor they want to see, subject to his or her availability, and make a list of favourite providers. If needed, they can also choose doctors from clinics that are covered by their company’s insurance plan.


Doctor World is most appropriately used for non-emergency medical needs in patients above the age of two. This can include acute conditions such as a runny nose, headache, sore throat or stomach pain, or advice on other medical areas such as contraception and other sexual health issues.

Users can also get reviews of their health screening results or seek travel-related health advice, like whether preventive treatment for malaria is needed before departure. Those with well-controlled chronic conditions can consult Doctor World’s GPs for their medicine refills.

This service not only reduces the load on public health services, it minimises one’s risk of exposure to viruses or other contagious pathogens while waiting at a clinic to see the doctor or collect medication. Users will also save time on travelling back and forth between their homes and clinics. Instead of spending their lunch hour or post-work evening waiting at a crowded clinic, they can use the time to rest and focus on recovery.

This savings on time is matched by savings on cost. Doctor World charges S$18 nett for a 15-minute consultation, which is inclusive of medicine delivery island-wide. Medicine is charged separately.

All Doctor World GPs are registered with the Singapore Medical Council, ensuring that users receive quality care. Doctor World is also in a telemedicine regulatory sandbox with the Ministry of Health.


The Doctor World app offers more functions beyond GP teleconsultations. It’s a one-stop healthcare platform that touts features such as the ability to take queue numbers for physical clinic visits, make clinic appointments with specialists, get access to home care services, as well as store and retrieve your medical records securely.

What’s more, users can browse through health-related products and services on the Doctor World store such as surgical masks, sanitisers, health screenings and vaccinations. The Health Advisor section on the app offers curated information such as healthcare articles, travel advisories and videos.

Telehealth may be a recent innovation, but it is set to become one of modern life’s essential conveniences. It’s safe to say that with apps like Doctor World, you will never see your doctors in quite the same way again.

Download the Doctor World app today.

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