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Temasek Foundation Cares - Emergency!

When an emergency hits, will you know what to do? Equip yourself with the right information to deal with common medical and situational emergencies in this practical series.

When an emergency hits, will you know what to do?
When an emergency hits, will you know what to do?

Emergencies could strike anyone, at any time. Some like cardiac arrests tend to be unexpected and unfold quickly; others like choking or fire are often preventable. Whatever the emergency, being prepared is your best bet. Read on to equip yourself with practical information that, in some instances, can also mean the difference between life and death.

For more, catch Emergency!, an eight-part series hosted by Tay Ping Hui on Channel 5, debuting Wednesday 27 February 2019 at 9:30pm. Read more...

Help, he is choking and cannot speak! What should we do?
Help, my son just collapsed! Was it a heart attack? Or a cardiac arrest?
My pot has caught fire, and the fire is spreading! What do I do?
My son's friend was drowning in the pool and I was helpless
Help! Our son has swallowed grandma's pills and is looking unwell!
My friend says she may be having a heat stroke. Her face is flushed! What do I do?
I accidentally cut myself. Do I need the doctor?
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