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South Australia



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South Australia on the Silver Screen

Iconic movies you might not know were filmed in South Australia.

by Penny Hsieh
Here are just a few ways you can live the good life in South Australia Words: Tatyana Leonov You sprawl yourself over the plush sofa and reach for a glass of bubbles. Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the sweeping bush that runs to the rugged coastline meeting the blustering seas of the Great Australian Bight. You sink deeper into the lounge; cocooned in a soft blanket, take another sip of your champagne and whip out your phone. Not even 10 seconds after you post your show-off pic on Instagram you’ve already got double digit likes. You quickly add the hastags #kangarooisland #southernoceanlodge #amazingview South Australia is full of magnificent views like this one. There are white-sand beaches and ancient forests, secret bays and rushing rivers, sprawling fields and rocky mountains. But to really one-up your vacation, nothing quite beats taking in the beauty of
Here’s how to get better acquainted with the friendly locals of South Australia Words: Pamela Toh South Australia boasts over 5,000km of pristine coastline, making it a spectacular vantage point to observe native animals both on land and in the water. Watch the annual migration of whales from the steep cliffs around Victor Harbor or take a cruise from Granite Island jetty to get a closer look. You can also spot Australian sea lions and other wildlife just off the coast or hop along to Kangaroo Island to meet the marsupials that come out at dusk. With such a wide variety of wildlife, it was difficult narrowing down the list to just five of my favourite animal encounters in South Australia, but here are some noteworthy encounters not to be missed. Whale Watching in Victor Harbor
Pack your bags with some of the best produce that South Australia has to offer. Words: Pamela Toh If, like me, you plan all your holidays based on the destination’s food culture, then South Australia is a pilgrimage you must go on at least once in your lifetime. With epic food-related road trips like the Southern Ocean Drive and the aptly-named Epicurean Way within the state, you can quite literally eat your way through your holiday and bring home some of the goodies you’ve had along the way to share the love with friends and family or simply enjoy by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Even if you did not have the time or luxury for a road trip around South Australia, you can find most of these items in Adelaide’s bustling Central Market Established in 1856, it is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the Southern Hemisphere and I always make

A S'porean in South Australia: Kangaroo Island in under 2 minutes.


A Singaporean in South Australia: Explore the great outdoors in under 2 minutes

Food & Wine

This Aussie road trip will give you serious food envy


Eat, Drink, See Adelaide in 120 seconds

Nature and Wildlife

Have you ever seen an albino kangaroo? Here’s 100 seconds of adorable animal footage


Everything one Singaporean ate on an Australia vacation in 45 seconds.

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Events The South Australia Festival Line-up
We find out more about what slow spirits are all about at Kangaroo Island Spirits from South Australia Words: Sarah Friggieri Cocktails are having a grand ol’ moment in Singapore. It’s evident everywhere you go. Five years ago, if you asked a waiter for a gin & tonic, he would have simply nodded silently and walked away (we are such a chatty bunch, aren’t we?) to fetch your drink. Today, that waiter might first ask “Which gin?” before proceeding to ignore you all night. Yes, Singaporeans have gained a growing appreciation for spirits (of the boozy kind). And it may surprise you to know that the next bottle of gin you’ll be telling your friends about might come from a place a little further south than you’d expect. Way down under: Australia. If South Australia is the country’s wine capital, Kangaroo Island is its spirit centre. And there’s
Adventure Break a sweat in South Australia
Food & Wine The Secret Wineries of South Australia
Bridging the language gap between the Lion City and the Land Down Under before your trip to South Australia Introduction: Phin Wong Words: Penny Hsieh Ah, Australia. A magical land where kangaroos use their tails as an extra limb; where it’s summer in December; and where the English language seems to have evolved on its own merry way. As a student in Australia a long, long time ago, a classmate once asked me how my “arvo” was. I stared blankly at him and said my elbow was just fine, thank you very much, despite all the Ikea furniture I had to assemble on my own. Another classmate invited me round to his place to throw some “shrimp on the barbie”. I said I personally preferred throwing some Bob Mackie on my Barbie, but to each his own. I liked my Aussie classmates. I just wish I could have understood the words that came out of their mouths. Of
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Food & Wine Shellfish Decisions

Blue swimmer, yabbie or prawn? The definitive guide to some of the freshest seafood in South Australia.

by Monica Chew

Silly about shellfish? Then you’ve hit the jackpot. When it comes to seafood, South Australia means business, literally – the state is the second largest producer of seafood in the country... var share_url = ''; var el_height = $('.social-share').height(); $('.social-share').css('margin-top', -(el_height / 2)); $('.social-share li.hide-button a').click(function () { $('.social-share').toggleClass('hidden'); }); $.get('' + share_url, function (msg) { $('.facebook a span').text(msg.shares); }, 'jsonp'); $.get('' + share_url, function (msg) { $('.twitter a span').text(msg.count); }, 'jsonp'); $.get('' + share_url, function (msg) { $('.pinterest a span').text(msg.count); }, 'jsonp'); $.get('' + share_url, function (msg) { $('.linkedin a span').text(msg.count); }, 'jsonp'); $(document).ready(function () { $(".arrow-right").bind("click", function (event) { event.preventDefault(); $(".vid-list-container").stop().animate({ scrollLeft: "+=280" }, 750); }); $(".arrow-left").bind("click", function (event) { event.preventDefault(); $(".vid-list-container").stop().animate({ scrollLeft: "-=280" }, 750); }); });

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