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Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu welcome baby boy

SINGAPORE — Congratulations are in order for actress Joanne Peh and her husband, actor Qi Yuwu.

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu welcome baby boy

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh welcome a baby boy. Photo: Joanne Peh

SINGAPORE — Congratulations are in order for actress Joanne Peh and her husband, actor Qi Yuwu.

Peh, 33, and Qi, 40, welcomed their second child on Friday (April 21) afternoon.

The new addition is a baby boy, born in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Peh and Qi were rushed in on Thursday night, and although the baby was delivered naturally, Peh went through a 16-hour labour.

The new baby, whom Qi refers to as "Qi Di Di", took longer than expected to be delivered, the actor told TODAY in a group interview on Friday evening.

"Many people told (Joanne) that the second time you give birth, it will be faster, smoother, and not as painful," he said. "She told me, 'It’s not like what they said!' She looked like she had been conned," said Qi, chuckling.

Mother and baby are resting, he added.

Qi was in the room for the delivery, and "frantically" snapped photos. He had filmed the birth of their daughter in 2015.

Other family members had been present for the first birth, but "this time, there was only me beside her to support and cheer her on", said Qi. The China-based actor flew back recently for filming of a new drama in Singapore, and was happy that this coincided with the birth of Qi Di Di.

Peh was at the Star Awards on Sunday, where her pregnant belly was clearly visible as she walked the red carpet in a filmy, nearly transparent gown.

Jokes had been flying that Peh, who attended the event with Qi, could give birth right then and there. Peh’s due date was slated for May.

Backstage, she revealed then that “the baby’s head is very low and I (really) may give birth anytime,” she said. “So, now that I’ve gotten my award, I can go off and give birth in peace.”

She had picked up the All Time Favourite Artiste award. Qi, who is based in China, flies back to visit Peh and their daughter.

It was previously reported that Qi had been hoping for a boy with this pregnancy. It looks like his wish has been fulfilled.

He said that he and Peh had suspected that the baby would arrive soon after the Star Awards. "In the past few days, the baby was kicking a lot, and we would sing to him," he revealed. "We are very happy to welcome him today."

Asked whether their daughter - whom Qi and Peh refer to as Qi - might be jealous, and how they might cope with the issue, and the actor demurs. "I will just take it one step at a time. I have no experience (in this). Joanne and I are learning," he said. He added that "Joanne will read up (on the topic) and meet with experienced mums" in order to get help in this area.

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