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Almost 25 years since they first began, Weezer is still rocking on

The group might just be the last of its kind: A 1990s alternative rock band with strong commercial appeal.

Almost 25 years since they first began, Weezer is still rocking on

American alternative rock band Weezer will be performing in Singapore for the first time next Monday (Aug 15). Photo: Sean Murphy

SINGAPORE — For its last two albums, Everything Will Be Alright In The End (2014) and 2016’s self-titled release (also known as The White Album), American alternative rock band Weezer went back to its roots.

It might be argued that Weezer might be the last of its kind — a 1990s alternative rock band with strong commercial appeal, with album sales of 17 million worldwide and an attractive live draw over 20 years after its debut album.

Rivers Cuomo, the band’s lead vocalist, lead guitarist and principal songwriter, admitted he had “no idea” what keeps the band going. “I don’t know what got us started in the first place. This is just what we were meant to do. I can’t imagine doing anything else in life,” he told TODAY.

Weezer will be performing in Singapore next Monday for the very first time — it is also its only concert in South-east Asia this year — and fans can expect to hear tunes that they are familiar with.

“Most of our set is comprised of songs that we think our audience wants to hear. Now that we have so many songs, we’re starting to condense some of them into medleys,” said Cuomo.

Q: Almost 25 years on, has the music-making become easier or harder?

A: I’d say it’s about the same. Kinda like medium hard.

Q: Was there anything at all different about the songwriting and recording process for The White Album, compared with that of previous albums?

A: This time, the producer worked with each one of the four of us individually. I wasn’t allowed in the room when the other guys were recording their parts.

Q: Going by the lyrics, it does seem like relationships are still as complicated as they were 20 years ago. Does that fact actually help in the songwriting?

A: Yes, complicated relationships are always an interesting topic to write about.

Q: Are you satisfied with the shows so far? How are people responding to the new material?

A: I wish we could play much more new material.

Q: What has years of touring taught you?

A: Performing teaches me a lot. It teaches me what works and what doesn’t work in songwriting. There’s no fooling yourself when you’re standing in front of 15,000 people.

Q: What are you hoping to see in Singapore?

A: Unfortunately, when I’m on tour, I’m totally focused on the show, and don’t go out and see the city at all. If I have a day off, I might go hiking.


Weezer is playing at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on Aug 15. Tickets from Sistic.

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