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Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan: Freezing eggs? Dating and marriage?

SINGAPORE — In the upcoming Channel 8 drama The Truth Seekers, stars Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan play cold case investigators. So what better way to put their sleuthing skills to the test than by having them investigate each other?

SINGAPORE — In the upcoming Channel 8 drama The Truth Seekers, stars Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan play cold case investigators. So what better way to put their sleuthing skills to the test than by having them investigate each other?

Here was their opportunity to ask each other all the burning, probing, snooping questions they had always wanted to know the answers to. And, we won’t lie — we were also partly hoping that Desmond would come right out and ask Rebecca to confirm her rumoured romance with Ian Fang (he didn’t, she didn’t).

Not that we were slacking off by making them do our work for us — well, okay, maybe just a little — but the true mastermind detective here would be us. Because you can tell just as much about a person from the questions they choose to ask. And even a deliberately roundabout answer says something significant about the person giving it.

So, even when they were clearly holding back, Desmond and Rebecca unwittingly revealed some insights into who they are and how their relationship works. And we didn’t even need to shine a desk lamp on their faces.


Rebecca: At what age do you want to get married?

Desmond: I knew that question would come. Because I wanted to ask that! I think I wouldn’t want to get married too late, because I love kids. I want to have three, at least. So, I think it’s based on my future wife’s age.

R: You can freeze eggs now, you know.

D: I want it to be natural. Have you frozen any eggs?

R: I haven’t but if I don’t get married in the next eight years, I will.

D: Huh? Do you know how old you are now?

R: Yeah. I’ll be 38 then.

D: But if you want your babies to be really healthy, you’ll have to start freezing them now.

R: No, I would like everything to be as natural as possible. But if fate doesn’t allow it, then I’ll freeze my eggs. In eight years.

D: I think the logic is that you have to freeze them earlier.

R: But I think my eggs will be pretty healthy when I’m 38. So, I’ll be fine. I have faith in my eggs.


Rebecca: Do you think you are a good actor?

Desmond: I think I am a learning actor. I think there are some challenges for me as an actor because, believe it or not, I’m shy and learning how to cope with stress on set at the moment. Language is also a problem. I’m a learning actor trying to sharpen my craft.

R: If you could only win one award…

D: I want to win an Oscar. I mean, it’s far-fetched, but I want to, right? (Laughs)

R: Are you really a man?

D: Yes. I can show you my IC. What about, if one day, you decide to stop being an actress, what would your next option be?

R: Be a full-time mum. I think by the time I decide not to be an actress, I would hopefully already be a mother, because I don’t think I will stop being an actress any time soon.

D: So are you saying that once you become a mother you will not act anymore?

R: No, I’m saying I don’t think I will not want to be an actress any time soon. So, by then, I would already be a mother. But I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Hopefully, people will still want to see my wrinkled face on TV.

D: No lah, I think people will still want to see you.


Desmond: If, one day — it’s a cliched question — your husband and your father, who both happen to not know how to swim, happened to fall into the sea, who would you save?

Rebecca: (Rolls eyes) This question is very primary-school. I would save my dad, because he has saved me many times in my life. I mean, I can always have another husband, but I can’t have another dad.

D: I hope your future husband isn’t (reading) this. Are you dating – no, let me rephrase that question. What are some qualities that you look for – okay, I’ll change the wording. Are you seeing anyone right now?

R: Yeah. I’m seeing a lot of people now.

D: You mean the people in front of us?

R: Yes. Are you seeing anybody now?

D: Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of people.

R: No, you cannot repeat my answer.

D: Yes, I’m seeing someone now. (Smiles)

Catch The Truth Seekers starting April 28, weekdays at 9pm on Mediacorp TV Channel 8. Visit our Facebook page ( to watch the video.

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