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#trending: Former SIA cabin crew offers explanation on ‘pathetic’ in-flight breakfast, but netizens aren’t biting

A former Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew went on online forum Reddit to explain the types of meals served on a flight after a disgruntled passenger complained about a "pathetic" breakfast meal he had while flying with the carrier.

A continental breakfast meal served on a Singapore Airlines flight that a Reddit user named "Low_Ses_Man" claimed was "pathetic".

A continental breakfast meal served on a Singapore Airlines flight that a Reddit user named "Low_Ses_Man" claimed was "pathetic".

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  • A disgruntled passenger took to online forum Reddit to complain about a "pathetic" breakfast meal he had while flying with Singapore Airlines 
  • The post sparked a heated debate on the allegedly declining quality of meals served by the national carrier 
  • A former cabin crew from the airline stepped forward to offer personal insights into the types of meals served on a flight
  • However, online users did not seem convinced by the explanation and doubled down on their complaints

SINGAPORE — When one is crammed into a plane cabin with other strangers and has to sit for hours with barely any legroom, being able to tuck into a warm and tasty in-flight meal would provide some comfort for an otherwise dreary experience.

It is therefore understandable when flight passengers get upset if the meals they are served do not meet expectations.

One such disgruntled passenger recently took to online forum Reddit to complain about a breakfast meal he had while flying with national carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA). 

The post sparked a heated debate on the allegedly declining quality of meals served by the airline, prompting one former SIA cabin crew to offer some personal insights on this.


On Monday (May 8), a Reddit user by the name of “Low_Ses_Man” shared a photo of a breakfast meal he was served during a flight from Singapore to Melbourne in Australia.

With only a round bun, maple muffin, raspberry yoghurt and a cup of juice seen on the plastic tray, the user wondered "where's the breakfast" and called the economy class meal “pathetic”.

His Reddit post has attracted more than 475 comments in the thread.

Online users took to the comments section to share their own observations regarding SIA’s recent in-flight meals, with many echoing that the standards have dropped.

Some were amused while most others were angered to see that the muffin given was similar to a night snack served by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

A user wrote: “This is literally the exact same SAF night snack muffin. Same flavour, same packaging, everything (is) the same.”

Another person quipped: “Meanwhile in a cookhouse: Soldiers! (Feel) blessed! You have the same muffin as they serve on our beloved national carrier!”

Several users accused the airline of compromising on its service standards by substituting meal components with cheaper alternatives in order to cut operational costs.

Others naturally compared the meal shown by “Low_Ses_Man” to those they had enjoyed on SIA in the past, claiming that the food is “not what it used to be”.

In a separate Reddit post on Monday, user “sesamebatter” shared two photos of breakfast meals previously served on SIA flights in the years 2014 and 2017.

In both photos, a main course with eggs, potatoes and a sausage can be seen. The dish is served with some bread, yoghurt, cut fruits as well as metal cutlery.

The difference between the meals served to “sesamebatter” and “Low_Ses_Man” is glaring, with the absence of a main dish.

Commenting on the discussion thread started by “Low_Ses_Man”’, someone lamented: “It’s not about a bad breakfast. It’s about the value you get from what you paid for a premium airliner. 

“Many will argue it’s a decent breakfast. Sure, it may be decent for a budget airliner. But for what you paid to an airline like SIA, this is not of a good enough quality.”


Adding perspective to the discussion, a self-professed former cabin crew of SIA stepped forward to offer an explanation on the matter.

In a Reddit post on Tuesday (May 9), user “jeduh” began by agreeing that the breakfast served to “Low_Ses_Man” looked unappealing and acknowledged that SIA and its in-flight catering service provider, Sats, could work on improving the food quality.

The user then goes on to say that “Low_Ses_Man” was probably served a continental breakfast on his flight, which would explain why the main course of sausage and eggs was missing.

“Jeduh” added that the fellow Redditor failed to mention that he was served a full lunch service later in the flight.

“SQ has been serving continental breakfast even before Covid-19, so this is not something new launched by SQ to cut costs,” the user wrote.

“Jeduh” also reiterated what a fellow former crew member had briefly explained in the original post — that is, the types of meals served on a flight would depend on its duration.

On a seven-hour flight from Singapore to Melbourne, for instance, passengers would be served a main meal and a snack.

As lunch was also served on his flight, the continental breakfast shown by “Low_Ses_Man” would be considered the snack.

Debunking claims by some online users that SIA has stopped serving eggs for breakfast, “jeduh” said that such meals are still served on flights with a full breakfast service. 

“Not trying to bring anyone down nor am I defending SQ. Just wanted to help everyone see a bigger picture and not just jump to conclusions without much context.

“That being said, I fully agree there are many things SQ and Sats can improve on. No airline is perfect, certainly not one that serves night snack muffins,” the user wrote in conclusion.

SQ is SIA's airline code for flights.

Redditors did not seem convinced by the former flight attendant's explanation, doubling down on their complaints about the airline’s falling service standards.

One wrote: “Nobody really cares what the definition of a ‘continental breakfast’ is. What matters is what SQ, a premium airline, served. They basically served passengers a pathetic plate of ‘roti’ (bread).”

Another commented: “The original post (by “Low_Ses_Man”) was obviously not giving the full picture, but the food on Singapore Airlines is absolutely horrendous and has been for some time.”

Others claimed that service in its economy class had fallen since the introduction of a premium economy class.

Several users also mentioned the switch from airline casseroles to biodegradable containers, as well as the removal of hot towels as other signs that SIA’s service standards have declined over time.

Hoping that the airline would “make some changes” as well, “jeduh” urged the people with complaints to send their feedback to the company as much as possible.

These fresh complaints came less than a month after a Reddit user shared a photo of a "downgraded" meal served during a SIA flight from Singapore to Seoul in South Korea.

The passenger claimed that meals from the national carrier used to be served with cake, dessert and fresh fruit, but these side dishes have now been replaced with a piece of cracker and "cheap" plastic disposable cutlery.

In response to TODAY's queries then, the airline said that regular audits are made with catering partners to ensure quality of meals served in-flight. It added that it will take into account customers' feedback.

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