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Primary 1 registration for 2024 to start on July 4; previous year's application data available online

SINGAPORE — Primary 1 registration for admission to schools in 2024 will begin on Jul 4, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Tuesday (May 23). 

A teacher in Cantonment Primary School reading to her students

A teacher in Cantonment Primary School reading to her students

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SINGAPORE — Primary 1 registration for admission to schools in 2024 will begin on July 4, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Tuesday (May 23). 

It is compulsory for children born between Jan 2, 2017 and Jan 1, 2018, both dates inclusive, to participate in this exercise or be enrolled in a Junior 1 or Primary 1 programme of a special education (SPED) school.  

From this year, parents can use the new online registration portal for all five phases of the exercise — Phases 1, 2A, 2B, 2C and 2C Supplementary — to register their child in their chosen school.

The new portal replaces the online application form and the Primary 1 Internet System used in previous years.


In addition, application data from the previous year will also be made available online starting this year to better support parents in selecting primary schools for their children, said MOE. 

From Tuesday, parents can refer to the MOE website for 2022's data, which will include the available vacancies, registration applicants, as well as balloting information in the relevant phases for each school.

If balloting was conducted for a specific phase, parents would see the category that balloting was conducted for, the number of vacancies available in the ballot, and the number of applicants who participated in the ballot, said the ministry.

Parents can also view a list of schools within 2km of their residence and check whether these schools were oversubscribed in specific phases during the previous year's exercise. 

Similar to past years, information on the number of available vacancies in each school for this year's exercise will also be made available on the registration website in mid-June. 

The number of available vacancies and applicants will be updated during the relevant phases. 

"However, such statistics should not be taken as final during the exercise due to its dynamic nature, as parents can withdraw and make changes throughout the registration period. Schools will also not be able to provide additional information beyond what is available on the MOE P1 Registration website," said MOE. 

The Education Ministry also encouraged parents to "consider a wide stable of schools and explore how these schools’ unique programmes and offerings can best meet their child’s learning needs, interests, and strengths" when selecting a primary school.

It also reminded parents to consider schools that are "reasonably close to home" to reduce their child's commuting time, as a longer distance between the school and their home could mean more limited transport options for the child. 


The P1 Registration Portal will go live on July 4 and can be accessed via the MOE Primary 1 registration website

Parents can log in to the portal to view the phases and schools their child is eligible to register in, as well as register their child in their chosen school when the phase the child is eligible for opens for registration, said MOE. 

A valid Singpass with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required to log in to the Primary 1 registration portal. Parents are advised to set up their Singpass 2FA early and ensure that their Singpass account is valid before the commencement of the P1 Registration Exercise, said MOE. 

Only one parent is required to log in and submit the registration through the portal.

Parents who require assistance during registration may contact the school of their choice via email or telephone on the respective registration days between 9am to 4.30pm. 

Registration will close on Oct 31.


For parents registering their children under Phase 1 — those who have siblings currently studying at the school — registration will be from July 4 to July 5. Results will be released on July 11.

Phase 2A registration begins on July 12 and ends on July 14. This phase is for children with a parent or sibling who is a former student of the primary school, or whose parent is a member of the school advisory or management committee.

Children whose parents are working at the primary school, or are from the MOE kindergarten under the purview and located within the primary school, can also apply in this phase.

Results for Phase 2A will be released on July 21.

Phase 2B is for children whose parents are school volunteers or active community leaders, or are members of the church or clan directly connected with the school. Registration for this phase will run from July 24 to July 25.

Results for Phase 2B will be made known on July 31. MOE will reserve 20 spaces in each primary school for this phase.

Phase 2C registration — for children not yet registered in a primary school in the earlier phases — will take place from Aug 1 to Aug 3, with results available on Aug 15. Forty places in each primary school are reserved under this phase.

For children who are not yet registered after Phase 2C, they can register in Phase 2C supplementary, which will take place from Aug 17 to Aug 18. Results for this phase will be released on Aug 29.

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St Margaret’s School (Primary) is currently at a holding site at Mattar Road while its permanent site undergoes upgrading, said MOE.

Due to a delay in the upgrading project, the school will continue to operate from the current holding site for another year until December 2024, it added.


International students will register under Phase 3 of the registration exercise after all Singaporeans and permanent residents have been allocated a place under the earlier phases.

They will have to submit an online "indication of interest" form via the registration website, between 9am on May 30 and 4.30pm on June 5. Those who do not do so by June 5 will not be able to register during Phase 3 of the exercise. 

International student applicants who have indicated their interest will be notified via email by the end of October on whether their child can be offered a place in a primary school. If a place is offered, the parent of the child will be informed of how to register with the designated school.

School admission at Phase 3 is not guaranteed, as there are limited vacancies after places have been allocated to Singaporeans and children who are permanent residents, said MOE. 

Any registrant found to have provided false information during the registration exercise will be referred to the police for investigation, the Education Ministry said.

"If a child is found to have been successfully registered in a school based on false information, MOE will transfer the child to another school with remaining vacancies after all eligible children have registered." 

MOE also advised parents to prepare early and check the MOE Primary 1 Registration Exercise website for the latest updates on the registration exercise and the documents required for registration, including registration for overseas Singaporeans. CNA

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