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#trending: Redditors share some of the 'most idiotic' things they have heard people say in Singapore

Reddit users are discussing some of “the most idiotic” things they have heard people say in Singapore. The contributions ranged from far-fetched theories to entitled requests, such as delaying the National Day Parade because the person had to work overtime.

#trending: Redditors share some of the 'most idiotic' things they have heard people say in Singapore
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  • A Reddit user has prompted a discussion on the "most idiotic" things people have heard others say in Singapore
  • Fellow Redditors enthusiastically chimed in with various examples of comments they found "idiotic"
  • The contributions ranged from far-fetched theories to entitled requests such as asking for the National Day Parade to start later because the person "had to work overtime"

SINGAPORE — Users of online forum Reddit are discussing some of “the most idiotic” things they have heard people say in Singapore and it seems to prove that some things are just better left unsaid.

On Wednesday (Sept 21), user “KairoGoneRogue” started a thread on subreddit, r/asksingapore, titled: “What is the most idiotic thing you have ever heard someone (say) in Singapore?” 

It seems like "KairoGoneRogue" was inspired to start this thread after coming across a comment by another user on the web forum suggesting that it is "possible for society to function without the use of currencies".

The other user elaborated that everything would be free for all and that only people who wish to give back to society would work. There would be no consequences for freeloaders who decide not to do so.

To this, “KairoGoneRogue” asked who then would volunteer to carry out the dirty work, such as clearing out rubbish bins or treating sewage.

The other Redditor predicted that there would be people willing to carry out such roles out of the “joy” of contributing to society.

"KairoGoneRogue" ended the post by saying that people who thought the Earth was flat were bad enough, “but this has got to take the cake”.

Fellow Redditors enthusiastically chimed in with other examples of comments they found "idiotic". 


Reddit user "Katarassein" recalled a person sharing a far-fetched theory that criminal activity increases during a full moon: "Someone explained to me that there are more crimes during the full moon because the larger moon has a stronger tidal effect on the water in people's brains, causing the weaker-willed to go a bit 'siao' (crazy in Hokkien)."

"Katarassein" added that the person said Singaporeans are in general crazier because the country is closer to the equator and therefore closer to the moon. 

Other Redditors shared encounters with strange and entitled requests by Singaporeans.

"PitcherTrap" said: "Parents asking (the) Science Centre to reschedule lunar eclipse viewing because weekdays (are) very hard."

"Buddyformula" wrote: "When I was working in the (National Day Parade) call centre, a lady called and requested the parade start 40 mins (later) as she had to (work overtime) that day."

Some "idiotic" comments seemed to stem from ignorance.

"Mukastandar" recounted: "My male friend told me that he thought girls can hold their period, like holding their pee. This was in (university)."

To this, "Wariot" replied: "I feel like this says more about our sex education than about him."

"Knaire" shared examples of comments that trivialised mental health issues.

For instance, a "chad" (internet slang for a hyper-masculine male) had commented: "There’s no such thing as depression (or) anxiety, bro, it’s all in your head, you’re just weak (and) lazy, man up and stop complaining."

Some Redditors who worked in the food-and-beverage industry shared some puzzling questions and feedback they have received from customers.

"Bloopywhoopy" wrote: "A customer once told my friend the ice cream that came out of the freezer was too hard to eat and she's rushing (because) she has a movie to catch."

"Significant_Tip_9789" commented: "Shop lights aren’t even on, no ice cream in the display. Customer comes into the shop and asks, ‘Are y’all open?’... first thing in the morning, I get such stupid questions."

The Reddit thread had received more than 545 upvotes and 235 comments at the time of writing, with numerous contributions that run the gamut from infamous phrases made by politicians to conspiracy theories.

However, the comment that perfectly sums up the Reddit thread came from user "GalerionTheAnnoyed": "Oh my god, this thread is destroying all my brain cells."

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