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S’poreans major users of social media: Global survey

SINGAPORE — A global survey of social habits of consumers in 65 countries found that people in Singapore and the rest of Asia are major users of social media.



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SINGAPORE — A global survey of social habits of consumers in 65 countries found that people in Singapore and the rest of Asia are major users of social media.

The survey, called “Wave 7”, tracked the dynamic shifts that have taken place within the social media landscape for the last seven years. It found that video consumption is the highest activity online (84 per cent) among Singaporeans. Conversely, only 30 per cent of Singaporeans stated they will create a video to post online.

Reading blogs is also high among Singaporeans (62 per cent) and comparable with regional (68 per cent) and global statistics (68 per cent).

However, when it comes to posting or writing stories for their own blog, only 28 per cent of Singaporeans were active in this activity compared with 41 per cent of Internet users in the region and 39 per cent globally.

Social media platforms like Facebook showed no sign of decline in Southeast Asia or even in the larger Asia-Pacific region.

In Singapore, virtual sharing via social networking (76 per cent) is on its way to overtake friend-to-friend (F2F) sharing (81 per cent) while messenger apps, the third highest mode of communication, trails closely at 66 per cent.

Microblogging has seen a rather slower adoption by Singaporeans with only 40 per cent following this trend.

Indonesians are the most active microbloggers in the Southeast Asia region at 69 per cent, while China is leading the way with 86 per cent of Internet users active on Sina Weibo.

In terms of device ownership, laptop ownership is the highest among Singaporeans at 90 per cent, ahead of regional and global users.

Dominant online activities among Singaporeans include researching something thoroughly (70 per cent), closely followed by watching content and making a purchase (67 per cent) — an activity which has seen minimal usage by other devices.

The survey also found that Singaporeans love their smartphones, with ownership at 88 per cent, significantly higher than that in Southeast Asia (73 per cent) and the global user base (73 per cent), though it was China and Hong Kong which topped the charts (90 per cent).

In Singapore, 69 per cent of Singaporeans are hesitant to share personal data online compared with 66 per cent of users in the region and 67 per cent globally.

In Southeast Asia, Filipinos, despite being the most avid social networkers, were the most concerned about privacy.

According to the survey, 76 per cent of users expressed they were concerned about the amount of personal data online, followed by the Chinese (71 per cent). Least worried were the Indonesians (57 per cent). CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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