Singapore: Inside Out heads back home

Artist Speak Cryptic with his interactive room at Singapore Inside Out. Photo: Mayo Martin.
THE Dance Company is one of the performers at the travelling showcase, Singapore Inside Out. Photo: Mayo Martin.
Singapore Tourism Board’s travelling arts showcase event camps out near Bugis after stints in London, New York and Beijing
Published: 4:15 AM, November 27, 2015

SINGAPORE — The Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) multi-disciplinary travelling showcase, Singapore: Inside Out (SGIO), is coming home.

After stints in Beijing, London and New York earlier this year, the 10-day event, which opens today, will be held at Tan Quee Lan Street in the open space in front of Bugis Junction.

Curated by architect and artist Randy Chan and held as part of SG50, it will feature, at its core, a sampling of works, performances and talks by the showcase’s 20 artists across different disciplines, including the visual, performing, and literary arts, food, music and fashion.

The homecoming edition will also incorporate additional talks, screenings and musical performances by other Singapore artists as well as international ones who have collaborated with the SGIO artists in the previous editions. These include pop band SA, artist Speak Cryptic and THE Dance Company.

“We wanted to bring back a slice of each of the experiences (from the different cities) here,” said Chan.

There will also be partner events, such as Singapore Takeout beside SGIO, where 10 local chefs will be preparing their takes on local dishes. Other related events will be held at the National Design Centre, Zouk, and the Singapore Visitors’ Centre at Orchard Road.

The three overseas editions, and their respective partner events, have reached out to 50,000 people and organisers are hoping to draw around 10,000 people to SGIO’s Singapore showcase, said Carrie Kwik, STB’s executive director for Arts, Entertainment and Integrated Resorts.

One of SGIO’s objectives was to provide a platform to showcase Singaporean creatives overseas not only to an international audience but to Singaporeans living overseas — the three cities chosen had a significant number of Singaporeans and Singaporeans creatives, said Kwik.

Overall, they have been pleased with the results of SGIO, although they declined to reveal its total cost.

“The people have been pleasantly surprised about the creative scene in Singapore (and now) we want Singaporeans to see what we have travelled with,’ said Kwik.

Singapore: Inside Out runs from Nov 27 to Dec 6 at Tan Quee Lan Street (opposite Bugis Junction). Free admission. There will be shuttle bus services provided between SGIO, National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Visitor Centre at Orchardgateway. For more information, visit