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S’poreans need to learn race etiquette

The route for this year’s 21km SAFRA Singapore Army Half Marathon was generally well selected. There were also surprisingly few road junctions, which meant slower runners such...

SMRT incident can improve the way we use rail services

Kudos to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for its decision in the wake of last week’s public outcry (“LTA not taking further action against SMRT for ACS(I) train charter”; Aug...

Rules against cycling on footpaths need to be enforced

I refer to the letter “Enforce rules for electric bicycles” (Sept 1). Whether cyclists are riding in Bedok Town Centre or elsewhere, the rules as set out by the police and the...

Are long waits at police stations commonplace?

I visited the Toa Payoh Neighborhood Police Post yesterday to report the loss of my bag. When I reached there at 6.45pm, there were two officers on duty. Both officers were busy...