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Seniors’ attitude critical for success at work

I share the writer’s views in the letter “Age does not dictate job competence” (Sept 16). If I may add, attitude is critical for seniors to succeed in a job.

Jurong Bird Park holds Singaporeans’ shared memories

I am in favour of leaving Mandai’s forested area intact, as it could be one of the last few “wilderness” areas in Singapore. (“Mandai area should remain untouched for our next...

Need to evaluate Finnish education in its context

We are familiar with the criticisms of Singapore’s educational system that it is too stressful and too competitive, and that an emphasis on rote learning and regurgitation for...

Preserve as much as we can, specially in Mandai

I have been driving daily due to my job, and I see many developments around Singapore, trees being felled and concrete everywhere, so I agree that the “Mandai area should remain...

Age does not dictate job competence

Life expectancy is increasing worldwide due to better living standards and medical care. Under the circumstances, the old concept of retiring at a particular age has little...

Staff confusion muddles switch to pioneer scheme

I received a Health Ministry letter recently, about the Pioneer Generation benefits from Sept 1, and share the same frustration as voiced in the letter “Conditions for switch to...