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S’poreans should show support for Nepal

S’poreans should show support for Nepal

As Nepal struggles with the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake and aftershocks that hit the capital Kathmandu on Saturday, let us take the time to remember that Singapore...

Equating piracy with theft ineffective

The report “Piracy losing its stigma here” (April 24) again resurrected the issue of whether unauthorised file sharing is tantamount to stealing.

Manner in which views are communicated matters too

I refer to the letter “Fear of backlash can censor debate” (April 24), which stated: “When individuals collectively demand the removal of support from something they consider...

‘Blanket’ cycling rules defy common sense

I refer to the debate over cycling rules in Singapore (“Enforce dismount and push rules on bridges”, April 21; “Stricter rules needed for two-wheelers”, April 22).

Ministry of Education not averse to change with purpose

Ministry of Education not averse to change with purpose

We agree with Mr Kwan Jin Yao’s sentiment that it is important for education to prepare our students for their future (“S’pore can embrace risk in education with small changes”,...

Ferry safety must not be taken for granted

Reading news reports about a ship capsizing and sinking in the Mediterranean Sea, killing hundreds, brought to mind the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea about a year ago,...