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S’pore should take small steps to total tobacco ban

S’pore should take small steps to total tobacco ban

The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) is encouraged that many readers have written to Voices to take a common stand against tobacco and its use.

Amos has to learn and move forward

I refer to the report, “Protest by Hong Kong students near consulate urging Amos Yee’s release” (June 30, online).

Work-life balance is a question of priorities

This week’s Talking Point question, “A struggle to juggle?”, about parents juggling family and work, addresses the issue of priorities and the choices each of us makes in life.

Not divisive to speak out against homophobia, misogyny

In his letter, “Pink Dot supporters must look in the mirror” (July 1, online), Mr Leo Hee Khian accuses Pink Dot supporters, who speak out against homophobia and misogyny, as...

Flats for the elderly, not for investment

The Government is seeking feedback on having 30-year leases for two-room flats for the elderly (“HDB to raise income ceilings for BTO flats, ECs”; June 24).

Rationing cigarettes to smokers worth a try

Rationing cigarettes to smokers worth a try

While I am in favour of the Government banning sales of cigarettes altogether, I understand that this will be too radical and hence difficult to enforce in reality.