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More lawyers needed to help low-income group

Having more legal clinics is a step in the right direction to extend help to low-income residents. It will enable them to seek the legal advice they need (“More legal clinics...

Haze: Let’s not play the blame game

The report “Indonesia finally ratifies 2002 haze pact” (Sept 17), is welcome news, especially at this juncture, when air pollution has again risen to unhealthy levels here.

Blueprint for a new meritocracy

If meritocracy is the engine that drove Singapore from Third World to First, perhaps the real significance of SG50 is the reinvention of meritocracy so that a new version serves...

Pioneers can apply to be subsidised patients at SOCs

We refer to the recent letters on some Singaporeans’ experiences with the rollout of the Pioneer Generation Package healthcare benefits. We are sorry that some members of our...