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MRT: Use proven method of predicting system failures

With help from a foreign team of technical experts, we could find the root cause of the July 7 MRT breakdown and are correcting it (“Water leak led to July 7 rail outage”; July...

Hawkers can make decent living at new centres

We thank Mr Nicholas Wang and Ms Liu I-Chun for their letters “Know how hawkers work before evaluating tenders” and “Price ceilings risk destroying Singapore’s hawker heritage” ...

Civil Service can take lead in volunteering

I welcome the Social and Family Development Minister’s pledge to improve coordination among public agencies so that assistance is made easier for vulnerable groups (“Coordinated...

Single unwed mothers are ultimately mothers first

I refer to the Voices letters on the debate about single unwed mothers. While many of us may be sitting on the fence, perhaps we might be missing the point here.

Safety net not wide enough

While our Government has managed our economy and daily essentials well, it has sometimes been too focused on maintaining our economic edge that it heaves stress on people (“Many...

Help unwed mums so their children lack for nothing

I refer to the letters, “Unwed mums did make choices that led to their situation” (Aug 1) and “Unequal benefits for single unwed mums a matter of deterrence” (Aug 3).

Bukit Panjang hawkers to balance food quality, price

We thank Ms Liu I-Chun and Mr Nicholas Wang for their letters, “Price ceilings risk destroying Singapore’s hawker heritage” and “Know how hawkers work before evaluating tenders”...