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Safety culture at work is means of prevention

Today marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This is an annual international campaign day that has been observed across the globe under the guidance of the...

Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act key to peace here

The report “We forgive anti-cross protesters, says emotional pastor” (April 27) shows Mr Paul Packianathan, pastor of the Community of Praise Petaling Jaya church, exemplifying...

Important to respect variety in viewpoints and perceptions

IKEA’s ongoing support of controversial religious figure Lawrence Khong’s magic show has stirred deep-seated emotions among Singaporeans, in particular among the LGBT (lesbian,...

S’poreans should show support for Nepal

S’poreans should show support for Nepal

As Nepal struggles with the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake and aftershocks that hit the capital Kathmandu on Saturday, let us take the time to remember that Singapore...

Making society better not only Govt’s responsibility

I am rather fortunate to lead a rather comfortable life in Singapore, but statistics have shown that globally, the rich have grown even richer over the years and the poor have...

Manner in which views are communicated matters too

I refer to the letter “Fear of backlash can censor debate” (April 24), which stated: “When individuals collectively demand the removal of support from something they consider...

‘Blanket’ cycling rules defy common sense

I refer to the debate over cycling rules in Singapore (“Enforce dismount and push rules on bridges”, April 21; “Stricter rules needed for two-wheelers”, April 22).