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Protect founding fathers’ names from exploitation

I refer to the report “Government looking to enact laws to protect name, image of Lee Kuan Yew” (May 23, online). It is time to enact laws on the use of our founders’ names for...

Confer Star of Temasek on Mr Lee to mark SG50

To honour the memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, perhaps the Government could look into conferring on him a posthumous state order at this year’s National Day Awards ceremony.

High probability of land-induced recession in China

In the report “No risk of hard landing for China, says Bernanke” (May 28), former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said China’s economic slowdown should not worry markets,...

TDSR causing distortion in used-car prices

The total debt servicing ratio (TDSR) does not take into consideration the lifespan of the asset being bought, which is causing a distortion in used-car prices. A person...

Politicians must reach out to struggling nations

It is a sad state of affairs that few nations want to give hope to the Bangladeshi and Rohingya refugees, who will die of hunger and disease at sea if help is not rendered quickly.

Coming GE a test for all parties, not just WP

With reference to the letter “Coming GE a test of Workers’ Party’s performance” (May 27), I feel that it is prudent not to single out any one party for this coming General...

Firms must recognise value of work-life balance

I refer to the report “Work eating into S’poreans’ family time: Survey” (May 27). Family time is important in helping ensure communication and closer bonds between family members.