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Why did Civil Service reply for MPs?

The Prevention of Human Trafficking Bill is slated for debate in Parliament this month, and the non-governmental organisations that organised the StopTraffickingSG campaign sent...

Western-style democracy has its benefits

I wish to refute certain points made in the letter “Desire for Western-style democracy a bigger threat to stability” (Oct 29). “Western-style democracy” must not be used as a...

Where were protesters when UK ruled, US spied?

The report “China ‘pressured Britain to deny democracy to HK’” (Oct 29), was The New York Times’ answer to what it called the common riposte that Britain did little for...

Allow only speeches at Hong Lim Park

I doubt that Mr Cheah Hong Lim meant to have the park he founded be used for protests such as the recent “Return Our CPF”.

Pioneers have priority seats, not reserved seats, at Foodfare

We refer to Mr Thomas Lee’s letter “Seniors’ food corner may cause resentment during busy lunch periods” (Oct 23), regarding the Pioneers Priority Seating privilege at Foodfare...

A coming crisis cannot be ruled out in China

I refer to the commentary “Why ghost towns won’t haunt China” (Oct 29). China has had 30 years of phenomenal economic growth, escaping unscathed even from the financial crisis...