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Flexibility in public housing policy is critical

I refer to the letters “Barring private owners from HDB market is the right call”, “Flats should be for those with real housing needs” and “Change of rule may help solve the...

Impact of vehicles with idle engines may be negligible

Under the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) Regulations, the engines of parked vehicles must not be left idling. This is to reduce air pollution, for...

Dangerous to use hazard lights during heavy rain

Once again, it has become common for some motorists to switch on their hazard lights during heavy rain, especially on the expressways. This is wrong and dangerous for other...

IDA is monitoring NetLink Trust’s performance

We thank Mr Andrew Pang for sharing his recent experience of signing up for fibre broadband service. (“Protect broadband consumers better”; Nov 14, online)

Tweak wage index in current transport fare review exercise

Tweak wage index in current transport fare review exercise

Given the ongoing fare review exercise, perhaps it is also time to tweak the formula itself — chiefly, the Wage Index (“Public transport council begins fare review”; Nov 20).

Raise taxes rather than ban shisha

I refer to the letter “Cigarettes, shisha are similar, but require different approaches” (Nov 24).

Change of rule may help solve the glut of flats

The writer of “Unfair that retirees with private property cannot buy HDB flats” (Nov 24) laments that property owners are unable to buy a public flat and keep their private...