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Potential employers of maids need assessing too

I agree with the comments in the letters “Maid agencies must ensure maids are fit to work here” (April 15) and “Employment agencies must do more to improve quality of maids,...

Govt should revamp Pri 1 registration system

Govt should revamp Pri 1 registration system

The faults in the Primary 1 registration system have accumulated and compounded over the years, culminating in the mushrooming of elite schools (“Different phases of Pri 1...

Waive maid levy for sick, disabled elderly

As having money for domestic needs is important to the elderly and their carers, I feel the maid levy should be waived for seniors who cannot do basic tasks, such as dressing...

S’pore needs more homes for intellectually disabled

I refer to the report “More training options to help special needs students get jobs” (April 16) and the letter “Extend help to all special needs schools offering vocational...

No effort spared in clamping down on human traffickers

We refer to Mr Peter Miller’s letter, “Need for tougher action against illegal sex trade” (April 7).

Some pioneers should get maid levy waived

The Pioneer Generation Package is our Government’s meaningful acknowledgement of the contributions of our pioneers, who played a key, selfless role in building Singapore.