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Know the trade-offs of population policies

To win votes in this election, political parties may raise issues on immigration and the vulnerability of Singaporeans in relation to foreign workers.

Forget rhetoric, it’s the ideas that count

I found Dr Gillian Koh’s commentary “GE2015 hustings: Let’s focus on policy, not political grandstanding” (Aug 31) rather comprehensive — an overall review, rather than an in...

Equal access to everything is not practical

The letter “Equal opportunity for all children is the counter to ‘parentocracy’” (Sept 1) states that every child should have equal access to classes such as computing, drawing,...

Voters should elect only candidates with substance

Voters should elect only candidates with substance

Many political parties and their candidates have announced their promises and manifestos. Most of their messages may seem sugar-coated and too good to be true, but we must be...

S’pore can help Sri Lanka become progressive state

As a third-generation Singaporean of Sri Lankan extraction, I am reassured to note the close relationship between the two countries and how they continue to draw on each other’s...

Drone laws should protect recreational users, privacy

French mathematician Blaise Pascal once said of flies: They win battles, paralyse our minds and eat up our bodies. Today, we see the immense potential of non-military drone use...

All commemorative note sets should come with a folder

All commemorative note sets should come with a folder

The specially designed folders for the SG50 commemorative notes make the pack more meaningful and complete (“New folders to correct misspelling in SG50 commemorative pack”; Aug...