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Hourly PSI has relevance to urban S’pore

I refer to the National Environment Agency’s reply, “Insufficient evidence from studies to use an hourly PSI” (Oct 3), to Mr Tan Zhi Rui’s letter, “Hourly PSI readings would...

We can’t afford to let others rock our ‘sampan’

I refer to the report “Complacent and dangerous if racial, religious harmony taken for granted: PM” (Oct 5). If Singapore becomes a failed state, nobody would pay attention to...

N95 mask can be more user-friendly

The worsening of the haze has resulted in many residents here putting on a mask. I have observed, however, that they hardly use the more effective masks such as the N95, even...

Xi-Obama meetings a substantial step forward

Xi-Obama meetings a substantial step forward

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to the United States spurred an incredible amount of analysis from Western and Sinic journalists and political observers (...

Air-conditioner filters can help purify air

For people who do not wish to buy air purifiers or are unable to do so, it may be helpful during this haze period to cut and attach air-conditioner filters to the back of their...

Insufficient evidence from studies to use an hourly PSI

Insufficient evidence from studies to use an hourly PSI

We thank Mr Tan Zhi Rui for his suggestions in “Hourly PSI readings would allow for better decision-making” (Sept 28). The National Environment Agency (NEA) is providing hourly,...