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SingPost’s S$100m investment spread over several years

We refer to Mr Teo Hoon Seng’s letter “Questionable SingPost figures?” (Jan 28). Since 2013, SingPost has been investing significantly to improve postal service.

Use exchange rate to adjust Causeway tolls

Following the increase in Malaysia’s Causeway tolls and the introduction of tolls for vehicles leaving Malaysia, the Land Transport Authority increased toll charges on Oct 1 for...

Help needy, be happy

The Channel NewsAsia series Don’t Call Us Poor plays a vital role in highlighting the plight of indigent people here, making us more aware that while we sometimes complain about...

Shared duty in school zone road safety

I applaud the efforts to increase road safety in school zones, through measures such as better signs to warn motorists to slow down. (“Steps to boost road safety in school zones...

Single parents should be treated more fairly

The Government encourages Singaporeans to have more children. When a marriage breaks down, however, the party left to care for the children is penalised. (“Parenting benefits...

Why subsidise half-day childcare centres, but not kindergartens?

I hope the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) can clarify some queries regarding the report “NTUC to launch new kindergarten programme, 10 pre-schools this year” (Jan 22).

Plunging oil prices have not helped consumer

Even without the benefit of hindsight, the report “Public transport fares may drop next year: Lui” (Jan 20), could have been taken as a hint that there will be no drop for the...