Haha: ‘I didn’t expect Running Man to be so popular’

Skull & Haha Press Conference, July 19, 2013
Korean reggae artistes Skull and Haha (a.k.a. Haroro from the popular variety show "Running Man") held a press conference on Friday July 19th, at Square 2, before holding their first overseas...
Published: 8:16 AM, July 20, 2013
Updated: 7:02 PM, July 22, 2013
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SINGAPORE – Popular Korean variety show Running Man has its South-east Asian fans to thank, according to cast member Ha Dong Hoon. Speaking to screaming fans and members of the media, Dong Hoon, better known as Haha, said he did not expect the show to become so popular.

“The popularity of the show actually started with audiences from South East Asia. The episode shot in Thailand was so popular in South East Asia, and then the show gained more attention in Korea. So we thank all our South East Asian fans for their love,” said Haha, who will perform with reggae musician Skull at Zouk tonight.

Q: Haha, you and your wife Byul have a son, Dream. Do you think you’ll change your image on Running Man (as the “betrayer”) to become a better role model?

Haha: I’ll change, if the programme needs me to. But I can also do even greater betrayals, if they need me to!

Q: The cast of Running Man visited Hong Kong for a fan meet recently. When will Running Man visit Singapore?

Haha: I don’t know, maybe soon? (laughs) Kim Jong-kook was here before, and Lee Kwang-soo is coming soon. But I hope when all the members are available, we can all come together for a fan meet here.

Q: How did you get into reggae music?

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