Deepavali is family time for Udaya

Udaya. Photo: Jason Ho
Udaya. Photo: Jason Ho
The Vasantham artiste is both a rebel and a good girl
Published: 4:02 AM, October 29, 2013
Updated: 4:00 AM, October 30, 2013
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She acts, sings and hosts, but in spite of her accomplishments in the public sphere, Vasantham artiste Udaya Soundari is a family girl who just wants to make her loved ones proud.

That’s why the 25-year-old Vasantham Star 2007 contestant is thankful that the festival of lights is just around the corner.

“Deepavali is the only time I get to be with my family in the morning. I rarely get to see them,” she said. “My sister goes to work. My mum’s always at home but my dad — it’s very rare that we see each other because (he works shifts).

“Deepavali morning is one of those rare mornings that we all get to be at home. And then we just watch TV. You don’t do anything — just sit and watch TV and have all the goodies. I think that’s quite fun.”

Udaya comes from a Hindu family that observes Deepavali traditions, such as “the oil bath and the washing and the food and the prayers in the morning”. Personally, though, the festival is an excuse for her to indulge.

“On that day itself we’re quite lazy — we only visit my grandparents. In the following weeks, it’s friends’ houses and chicken and mutton and curry and (eating) everything that’s alive. After that you feel like a deathbed, with all the animals inside you. You always feel that in the second week of Deepavali,” she smiled.


Even though family time means gathering in front of the television, Udaya’s family will be studiously avoiding the programmes that she appears in, like the Deepavali countdown on Nov 1, or the telemovie Thaathavin Deepavali.

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